How men can maintain a youthful look after 40

How often do people compliment you for ‘age like fine wine’? Well, we are here to help you take up that compliment and put it into a practical sense.

In this article, you will be exposed to how you can maintain a youthful look as you age, the things you should do to achieve this, as well as the things that need to be avoided, just for you to truly get better as you age, like fine wine.

How fast do men age?

If you have the notion that skincare lines are a bit biased towards men just because they make women their key targets when they advertise, then you are right. I feel the same way as well. But let me tell you that men do not need to do too much to mask their ageing process like women. Sounds cool, right? Let me tell you what is cooler.

Men do not age fast like the other gender. According to research, men tend to enjoy their youthful look better, due to the differences in hormones and how they affect aging. 

Nonetheless, when men reach the middle age of 40, they start to get conscious of their aging process when they see their young look waning away.

I mean, no one wants to get old.

Let us establish the fact that aging is not even a bad thing at all, not in the least. Nature has planned the best thing for us and there is nothing we can do about it. We all started aging right from the womb; it would not make any sense to suddenly stop aging just because a particular stage of our life comes with interesting features and figures. 

Valuxxo  | How men can maintain a youthful look after 40

Different ways your youthful look change after the age of 40

Most men get noticeable changes in their bodies right after the age of 40 which seems like middle age for a man. Let us take a quick look into the features that accompany aging once a man reaches the age of 40.

Aches and Pains

When a man reaches the age of 40, he begins to experience more aches and pains due to some changes in the body system. Muscle fibers become less dense as we age, these make them less resistant to injuries.

Due to the loss of elasticity, you may experience stiffness or inflammation. Some of the aches and pains that accompany old age include muscle strain, osteoarthritis, temporomandibular joint dysfunction, Migraine, Arthritis. However, any sudden aches and pains should be checked as soon as possible, as they may be signs of other health-related problems.

Hair loss

One of the numerous features that signal your youthful transition to old age is hair loss. According to research, hair loss is often at its peak for men in their forties.

The study established that 53% of men between the ages of 40-49 would most likely be bald. If this can serve as consolation for you, you should know that bald men are perceived as more intelligent than men with full hair.

Valuxxo  | How men can maintain a youthful look after 40

Grey hair

A silver lining on the head and some other places with hair on the body also signals the end of a man’s youth. This is caused by the gradual death of the hair follicles’ pigment cells. This explains the fact that the hair is not changing color but is becoming transparent.

Some women think that grey hair often makes men look sexier and hotter than full black hair.

I mean, who doesn’t like a silver lining?

Not much good news, but men’s magical rod shrinks over time. This is due to decreased blood flow and testosterone. At age 40, the change in size is not noticeable much but trust me, the shrinking has already started to manifest.

Low production of testosterone 

Another not-so-good news. Aging tampers with the production of testosterone. Testosterone helps control men’s sexual drive, boosts energy, promotes muscle mass, and also influences behavior. When men hit their average age, there is a tendency for them to feel like half the man they used to be.

Valuxxo  | How men can maintain a youthful look after 40

Change in vision

Hitting your average age may mean you will need a little help with reading smaller fonts or seeing farther distances with bare eyes. You may need to make frequent visits for eye examinations.

All these aforementioned changes are mostly inevitable but there are a couple of things to do as a man to look younger as you age. Sounds like a cheat code, right? Then, let’s hack it!

How men can look younger after age 40

It’s hard to be tagged as being an old person when the reality of aging is hitting hard. The feeling of “I know, stop rubbing it in my face” even when it is just a joke. If you are one of those that truly care about how to look younger as you age give me a fist bump because you know the real deal.

Cracking how to maintain a young look is equivalent to cracking how to live longer, so you are making the right decision by being here. Let’s look through the following hacks.

Laugh more

The saying “laughter is the best medicine” is not just a myth. Yes, put a smile on that face to not only look good but also help with some other things that are crucial to your health. Laughing helps keep your brain healthy as you age, helps with your physical, emotional, and mental health.

Laughing strengthens your immune system, relaxes your muscles, and helps manage the effects of stress.

It is no surprise that it also keeps wrinkles away. So, keep smiling even if you are stressed, for it is the most affordable form of medicine.

Eat more protein

Eating a surplus amount of protein in your diet makes you look radiant and youthful. Proteins protect the skin from dullness and it also serves as the greatest tool for body repair. The more the body ages, the more repair it needs to keep it moving. So, you should increase the portion of protein in your diet as you age, to age backward.

Valuxxo  | How men can maintain a youthful look after 40

Regular Exercise 

Having a regular exercise routine is another sure bet for you to look younger as you age. Gym or in-house routines keep your body in shape, help tone muscles, and make you look younger.

Working out is a lifestyle so it would be much better to start early, and if you are just finding out that a gym is one of the cheat codes for aging backward, get a membership or a personal trainer today.

Pick up a wine

It is time to remember the saying “age like fine wine” because it is no joke at all. Scientists claim some antioxidants such as tannin, resveratrol, and flavonoids preserve collagen and elastic fibers, thereby slowing down the aging process. Red wine can also stop the brain cells from breaking down as we grow older.

If you want to age like a fine wine, pick up a wine!

Valuxxo  | How men can maintain a youthful look after 40

Take Multivitamins

Multivitamins can be used to supplement the vitamins and nutrients you get from your diet. It stimulates collagen and elastin production and also stimulates connective tissue metabolism.

When you take a multivitamin daily for 3 years, it slows down cognitive aging by 60%. Seek medical consultations on multivitamins you can take to help against wrinkles and general aging.

Anti-aging natural skincare routine

Yes, the skincare routine is not only for women!  Men should also invest in an anti-aging skincare routine because they do skin wonders. Visit a dermatologist to know the natural exfoliant, serum, vitamin E oil, and moisturizers to keep your skin radiant and wrinkles free.

Another vital ingredient to add to your anti-aging skincare arsenal is sunscreens. Aside from the fact that they protect the skin from sunburn and cancer, they also slow down the aging process when used efficiently.

However, you should know that products working for a friend may not work for you due to differences in skin sensitivity. Avoid products with harsh ingredients. Go for products made with natural ingredients

Valuxxo men’s skincare products offer you a natural way to maintain your youthful look. Valuxxo Purifying cleanser water gets rid of facial impurities and dead skin cells. It leaves your face clean, fresh, soft, and silky. 

To ward off signs of aging, Valuxxo Revitalizing eye cream gets rid of under-eye wrinkles, renews your eye skin, and leaves you with radiant, shiny, toned eye skin. 

Valuxxo  | How men can maintain a youthful look after 40

With our Face firming serum you can maintain your younger look effortlessly. The serum protects your skin from external aggression that may damage your facial skin. Not just that, it deeply penetrates your skin cells and nourishes them from within. It keeps your face hydrated, it prevents and gets rid of wrinkles and fine lines. 

Valuxxo Nourishing Lift Face Cream is the real deal. The power of natural oil and vitamin E oil boosts the production of collagen and restores your skin elasticity. It reduces wrinkles, firms up your skin, keeps your skin hydrated and radiant at all-time.

All our products are organic-based. We steer clear of harsh ingredients because we care about the safety of your skin. Our products don’t contain any harsh ingredients or fragrances.

Final words

While we can not change the fact that we age, we can maintain our youthful look by improving our skin health, improving our diet, and our lifestyle as a whole. Figure out what works best for you, stick to it and enjoy your age count in numbers only. 

Most importantly, embrace your aging process.

It is hard to watch yourself not being the way you used to be, not being able to engage in some activities that used to be menial or those you used to enjoy. But you need to adapt.

If you already have a negative stereotype toward aging, it is more like you are prophesying how yours would be. People who fall in love with the whole process tend to adapt to the change and not see it as losses, thereby helping them all through the process.

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