Your Guide To Men’s Bohemian Fashion

Have you ever found yourself searching “bohemian fashion men” or some other variation of these words?

If so, then you aren’t alone. This style of men’s fashion is very popular and worn by men of all ages.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at everything you need to know about bohemian fashion for men exploring some styles for you to try.

If you’re new to men’s bohemian fashion, then you’ll be sure to find our guide incredibly useful.

Like many styles, bohemian fashion was initially a female-orientated style.

However, over time the style has extended to men as well, and these days, you’ll find plenty of different male garments available in the bohemian style.

So, before we start looking at some examples of bohemian clothing for men to try, let’s first take a more in-depth look at what bohemian fashion is all about.

Every individual fashion style has its own unique character and attributes, and we can learn a lot by exploring them.

Men's in Bohemian Style

What is Bohemian Fashion?

So, what is men’s bohemian fashion all about?

First of all, let’s talk about the name because while the official name is bohemian, it might not be the name you know it by!

Many people refer to the bohemian style simply as “BoHo” instead.

Capturing that classic BoHo look isn’t easy, which is ironic when you consider the inspiration for this style was designed to be relatively straightforward.

As we know it today, Bohemian fashion was inspired by the classic hippy looks of the 1970s and 80s.

But it also had inspiration from the later 19th century in the form of pre-Raphaelite women’s fashion.

Traditional peasant blouses were also a common garment as well. The bohemian style also typically uses a lot of small touches and accessories.

Things like jewellery, handbags, embroidery, beads, and more are all usually seen in classic Boho looks.

Basically, bohemian fashion is quite layered and very colourful, although there are many variants to it.

Many people incorporate elements of traditional bohemian fashion but don’t rock the whole look as much.

But while this gives you an idea of what bohemian fashion looks like, what about men?

Much of what we can see about the Boho style is focused on women, but what does men’s bohemian fashion look like?

If you are a real bohemian fashion lover, you must have a look at some Bohemian decorating ideas for your house too.

Male Bohemian Fashion

Man in Bohemian clothing style

Now male Boho fashion didn’t explode in popularity like women’s bohemian fashion did. It was a bit slower, but over time it gradually became more and more popular.

For men, the bohemian style follows many of the same principles as women’s looks.

Colours, patterns, and comfort are the main ideals behind this style for men.

Bohemian fashion for men is seen as more relaxed and laid back. Many people associate the look with artists and musicians, but anyone can rock this style.

It’s also an excellent choice for people looking for more comfortable casual attire.

Modern fashion trends for many people have become a little boring. Things tend to be sleek and minimal with few colours and patterns.

If you’re tired of these trends and want something more colourful and relaxed, then bohemian fashion is easy to recommend.

It gives men a chance to get more creative and try new things.

Fashion is a way to showcase your personality, and many people find the more relaxed yet colourful Boho look a great way to do this.

The style is also more versatile than you might think and can be worn in many different environments.

Before we talk about putting your outfit together and look at some Boho clothing examples, let’s answer some frequently asked questions.

Bohemian Fashion FAQs

Trying any new style can be a little intimidating, but one of the great things about the bohemian look is that it’s incredibly open to creativity and interpretation.

It was inspired by the “free love” and hippy movements, after all.

However, to help make adopting this style easier, we have compiled an FAQ for you below.

Let’s try to clear up any confusion about this fun, colourful, and relaxed style.

Is Bohemian Fashion Suitable For Work?

The Bohemian style is designed to be more relaxed and colourful than many of the more typical male fashions.
However, this doesn’t mean it can’t be worn for work. Although this will, of course, really depend on what exactly your job is.

If your occupation doesn’t have a dress code, then adopting the bohemian style for work shouldn’t be difficult. You can even utilize the Boho style for semi-professional or business-casual workplaces.

You might only be able to use elements of your desired look but putting together a Boho-style outfit for work is relatively straightforward. You just need to be a bit more careful when choosing garments for your outfit.

Is Bohemian Fashion Considered Cultural Appropriation?

Well, this is a tricky subject but one that more and more people are becoming aware of. While personal opinions may vary, most people don’t consider bohemian fashion to be cultural appropriation.

The modern version of Boho fashion is a hybrid of many different styles. The only issue you may want to be aware of is that it may sometimes draw upon Romani stereotypes. But this isn’t overly common these days, so the vast majority of people will be fine wearing bohemian fashion.

Is Bohemian Fashion Expensive?

Fashion can be expensive, so how does the Boho look compare when it comes to expenditure? Well, the good news is the Boho look can be done on a budget! But there is, of course, scope to it, so you can expect some pieces to be expensive while others are cheaper.

But when compared to some other styles, bohemian fashion is relatively cheap. The style originated in the hippy movement, so clothes were generally less expensive, so getting the “Boho” look can be done on a budget.

You shouldn’t have to spend a lot to look and feel your best. Unfortunately, this is something that many fashion designers forget, but thankfully, you can find a lot of clothing for a low price when it comes to bohemian fashion.

Is Bohemian Fashion Suitable For All Seasons?

If you have ever looked up bohemian fashion on the internet, you will likely see plenty of colourful outfits. But many likely seem like they are Spring and Summer clothing.

So, can you wear Boho-style clothing during the cooler/ colder months?

The good news is you can! The Autumn/ Winter Boho clothing isn’t typically highlighted as much. Some people also only adopt the Boho look during the warmer months as well.

But you can find suitable clothing for the Autumn and Winter although it might take a bit more searching to find.

Your Guide To Bohemian Fashion

So, now you should hopefully know more about bohemian fashion.

Let’s break down the clothing men can find. You’ll find all kinds of different garments under the Boho style.

So, whatever your tastes are, you’ll find plenty of clothing to match.

Shirts and T-Shirts

When you’re a man adopting bohemian fashion, a large part of your wardrobe will be shirts.

Bohemian shirts for men are instantly noticeable.

They typically are quite flowing and comfortable, and some would even describe them as baggy.

Some men even buy shirts a size larger to get the more relaxed Boho look.

Now a Bohemian men’s shirt will almost always have a colourful pattern.

Flowers are particularly popular but don’t worry; they won’t look like Hawaiian shirts.

If you’re looking for some Boho shirts for your wardrobe, try out some of the garments below.

While colourful bohemian shirts commonly use more muted designs.

Darker colours like black, navy blue, and grey are all quite common. But you can also find red, burgundy, green, orange, and more.

Now while button-up shirts are typically more popular, you can also find bohemian-style T-shirts for men as well.

These shirts are ideal for men who want something a little less outlandish as they tend to offer simpler designs.

If you are looking to dress in the Boho style for work, sticking to a T-shirt instead of a button-up could be a good idea.

Many men particularly like these T-shirts as they offer something that is a little more muscle-hugging.

Long-sleeved T-shirts are quite popular, but many men wear them with the sleeves pushed up for a casual, relaxed look.

While designs are usually quite simple and they typically use more muted colours, there are also patterned designs available as well.

T-shirts and button-ups can be paired together but usually aren’t in many men’s Boho looks.


Bohemian fashion for men usually uses shorts instead of trousers. But of course, the weather (and your local climate) won’t always be appropriate for shorts, will it?

The good news is there are bohemian-style trousers you can wear too!

These options can be split into two distinct categories jeans are your first option. Read: Men’s shoes to wear with jeans

But if you want that Boho style you can’t just wear any old jeans. Bohemian-style jeans should be more rugged, ripped jeans in particular work very well.

While colours can vary, we find opting for something a little brighter will often be the better option.

Try light blue jeans for a relaxed Summer-ready look that will pair well with a bright and colourful bohemian shirt.

Jeans, of course, aren’t your only option when it comes to trousers, though.

Cuffed cotton pants in a bright colour or even something a little more muted like beige will work well in a bohemian look.

This can even add a vintage charm to your outfit.

Below, we’ve listed some Boho-style trousers for you to check out.


Shorts are practically essential when it comes to crafting a man’s bohemian look!

So, guys reading this, don’t be afraid to show off your legs a little. Boho-style shorts come in many forms, but we find chino-style shorts to work best.

These shorts are the perfect combination of relaxed and casual but are still usually going to be suitable for work.

Chino shorts do come in many forms, and they don’t have to be tight; remember, a looser fit will often work best for a bohemian look.

Colours and patterns come in many forms; if you want a more traditional Boho look, then look for botanical or flower designs.

Don’t be afraid to try something more outlandish and busy because this is what dressing in the Boho look is all about.

However, simpler block colour designs are also available if you want something a little more subtle.

These designs typically work best if you opt for a colour like blue, green, or even black in some cases.

Below, we have listed some examples for you to check out.


A cardigan will be an excellent option for any man who wants to rock a Boho look!

Men’s cardigans are often neglected, which is a shame because they are fantastic garments that can give a very relaxed and artistic vibe.

When it comes to choosing a cardigan, you should look for knitted or crocheted options.

It’s best to stay away from heavier options as you generally want lightweight clothing.

Longer cardigans work very well when it comes to bohemian fashion.

Colours are best being a little more muted; however, you can find patterned options in some cases.

These will fit like oversized shirts in most cases.

For the perfect laidback Boho style, leave the cardigan unbuttoned and open. This will create a more flowing relaxed look that any man can rock!


Shoes are an exciting part of bohemian fashion.

The traditional option is to go barefoot but let’s be honest, that isn’t always going to be possible, is it? The most common choice these days is to go for sandals.

Now yes, many men won’t like that idea, but sandals can be fashionable and stylish.

Stylish Boho-style sandals come in many forms and typically have fantastic, modern details and accessories.

Below, we have listed some shoes that would work very well with a stylish Boho look.

If you don’t want sandals, then casual slip-on shoes can work well. They are typically Boho, but they can work well if you opt for a more muted colour.

Colours like beige and brown can work very well and can be a very stylish option.


The bohemian style is all about those small little accessories like scarves, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, watches, hats, and even bags.

These accessories really can help bring your whole outfit together.

The only thing to remember is to balance your accessories. It can be easy to overload things, and that will leave your outfit looking messy and cluttered.

So, remember to try to keep things to a minimum and don’t overdo things.

Below, we have listed some accessories for you to check out and try.

Bohemian Fashion FOR MEN – Is It Right For Me?

So, now you know how to put your bohemian outfit together.

The only question left to answer is whether it is the right look for you.

How to really find it out? Give it a try!

Bohemian fashion is very relaxed and laidback, and we think any man can rock it. So, don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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