Top 10 men’s skincare mistakes that cause skin damage

As a man, you might think you should pay little or no attention to your skin, but that shouldn’t be the case. The skin is the largest and most sensitive organ of the body.

Therefore, it needs utmost care. In the course of this article, we will be looking at ten men’s skincare mistakes that cause skin damage and how to avoid them.

What are common skincare mistakes?

What are common skincare mistakes?

Below are some skincare mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Improper shaving habits

You might be wondering what relationship shaving has with skincare, but it does have a lot to do with it. Most men grab their shaving stick and shave through or slam shaving cream and shave, which is a very bad way to do it.

Not paying attention to the blade you use, the shaving cream or gel you use, and the pre and post-shaving practices are one of the prominent men’s skincare mistakes that is very common.

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2. Avoiding the use of sunscreens

Many men fail to see the usefulness of sunscreens. Exposure to direct rays from the sun does not only cause melanoma which is more prominent in men, but it also exposes them to the risks of skin cancer.

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3. Picking at  blemishes

We know you aren’t happy or satisfied with your spots, scars, or acne, but scratching or picking at them isn’t the right way to go.

Most men aren’t aware of this, but picking at blemishes can cause skin hyperpigmentation. Also, when these blemishes are picked at and popped, bacteria from within the infected pore and your fingers may spread, causing further breakouts. 

4. Making use of the wrong skincare products

As men, you should not take everything with levity by thinking only women should and are meant to worry about skincare. Irrespective of gender, you possess the same skin composition, which needs utmost care.

Pay attention to your skin type – facial cleansers are frequently formulated for several skin types, including oily, dry, combination, and sensitive. It is possible that using the incorrect sort of product will result in an undesired effect. For example, skincare solutions designed for dry skin may contain moisturizing chemicals that might clog pores on oily skin and vice versa.

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5. Not eating healthy

As the saying goes, health is wealth. What you consume has a considerable effect on your skin appearance. Do you want to have better, rich, glowing skin? Eat healthily!

For instance, too much consumption of alcohol and refined and processed sugars spike insulin levels which stress the body, causing hormone-related breakouts.

This is a skincare mistake that ages you, as the skin would lack all the necessary nutrients it needs to stay youthful.

6. Letting Calluses And Blisters Form

Yes, we know you’re a man, and you would always like to show that you are one, but when working in dangerous environments, always protect your skin. Exposing the skin to these harmful environments can cause tears and bleeds, which could form irreversible scars on the body.

7. Not moisturizing adequately

Another men’s skincare mistake is not moisturizing adequately or not even moisturizing at all. Fine wrinkles are more evident on dry skin. As a result, wrinkles that you already have but didn’t notice since your skin was moisturized may begin to peek out more as your face becomes more dehydrated.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t regularly moisturize your face if you’re not regularly washing your face.

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8. Not cleansing after a workout

Sweat that is emitted from the body after a vigorous workout can breed bacteria, leading to breakouts and other skin problems. 

As men, when you work out, the eccrine glands release sweat and oil, which is very unhealthy for your skin. Sweating opens the pores, and when it is not removed, the debris clogs it. Therefore, cleansing is an essential process after a workout.

This is a skincare mistake that causes acne.

9. One soap does it all

This is an enormous lie and a mistake you should no longer make. The skin on different body areas has varying degrees of sensitivity to various stimuli.

The skin of the face is the most delicate. As a result, neglecting basic face skin care can result in increased dryness, which increases the risk of damage, allergies, and pigmentation, among other things.

Because body soap is not as gentle as a facial cleanser, the texture of the facial skin may become rough due to use.

10. Exfoliating too much or too little

This is another major men’s skincare mistake. Most men don’t even know what exfoliation is, and the little ones that do, do not have adequate knowledge about it.

Exfoliating too much or too little is a common skincare blunder, and there are many different schools of thought on which method is the best.

Physical exfoliators are generally recommended as a last resort by skincare professionals. In the long run, using face scrubs that contain exfoliating beads might cause damage to the skin.

Skincare tips for men To Avoid Mistakes

Wash your face every day, especially after working out.

Wash your face using a light facial cleanser and lukewarm water, instead of conventional bar soap, which sometimes contains harsh substances that can damage the skin.

Wear sunscreen whenever you’re outside.

Before going outside, apply sunscreen to all exposed areas of skin, including your scalp, ears, neck, and lips, to help prevent UV damage that can cause wrinkles, age spots, and even skin cancer. Sunscreen can also help prevent skin cancer.

Keep an eye on your shaving technique.

If you get lots of razor bumps, burns, or ingrown hairs, try switching to a single- or double-blade razor and avoiding pushing your skin taut when you’re shaving instead. Using a moisturizing shaving lotion, shave in the direction of hair development. For the best results, rinse after each stroke of the razor and change your blade after five to seven shaves to avoid irritation.

Always look at the label first.

Some phrases go beyond ordinary commercial gimmicks. Some words indicate whether a product is a good buy or should be avoided.

Frequently asked questions.

Below are some frequently asked questions about men’s skincare.

Can skin products ruin your skin?

Unknowingly using chemical-filled products can ruin your skin; what they do is harm the skin and further worsens the condition you wish to rectify.
This is why it’s always important to be sure of the contents of the skin products you want to use.

What products aren’t good for your skin?

1. Chemical Sunscreen
Chemical sunscreens contain oxybenzone, an endocrine disruptor, which can have severe consequences on fertility.

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
This is a very common cleansing chemical that is used in many households. A variety of personal care products, including shampoos, cleansers, and body wash, include this ingredient, which produces irritation and can also trigger an allergic response when applied to the skin.

3. Parabens
Parabens have been called different names, some of which are: methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben, and ethylparaben.
It is a petroleum derivative, and they are known as endocrine disruptors, which can lead to hormonal imbalances, causing skin damage.

4. Fragrances
Over the years, we have grown to think that a good smell means a good product, but we should ensure that no synthetic fragrances have been added before sniffing anything. These synthetic fragrances are capable of causing allergic reactions on the skin, along with headaches, allergies, dizziness, rashes, cough, skin irritation, pigmentation, and hyperactivity.

5. Mineral Oil
This product is usually found in makeup, SPF, and cleansers as a byproduct of petroleum. It has been shown to contain carcinogenic material, which is capable of causing skin cancer.

How do you know if a product is damaging your skin?

You should pay attention to many things when it comes to skincare products.

Are there considerable changes in your skin outlook?
Are these changes positive or negative?
You just have to pay attention.

Below are some of the things you notice when a product is damaging your skin:

– The onset of rashes on the skin
– Rashes are a huge inductor of reaction to a skin product.
– Dry and peeling skin

If this isn’t the normal condition of your skin (which could be worked on by the way, by the use of moisturizers), then it could be a result of over-exfoliation, or you’re using too many acidic products on your skin.

Skin breakouts

In most cases, breakouts are characterized by small, red bumps on the skin, which indicate that your skin is reacting poorly to a product or that your skin is reacting negatively to introducing a new product to the skin.

Because breakouts occur when you introduce a new product or routine into your routine, try to give your skin two or three weeks to acclimatize to the change.

How do men fix their skin?

Now you know that your skin needs utmost care, and you can’t achieve that by doing all you have been doing wrong all along.

If you forget everything, never forget


These are the basic things you need as a man to fix your skin or maintain healthy skin.

Always make sure you cleanse using a natural cleanser

Exfoliate with skin-friendly exfoliators (it has to be natural to avoid skin damage). For starters, exfoliating once a week is fine.

Moisturizing helps hydrate your skin, making it supple and soft all day long. Make use of natural moisturizers, which can help you retain skin moisture.

Always make use of sunscreen to avoid the direct effect of sunlight on your skin.
Stop peeling off your acne and pimples; instead, visit your dermatologist for appropriate treatment for them.

Follow a healthy diet, drink a lot of water to stay hydrated, and exercise regularly (clean afterwards).

Final words

Your skin is your best accessory; always be mindful of what you use on it and how to treat it because its presentation determines your confidence level to a very large extent.

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