What is the story of Valuxxo?

From the beginning, the goal was to become much more than just a men’s fashion and beauty brand. In fact, Valuxxo is the result of a long journey of self-discovery and unfettered self-expression that began when I was a small child in Italy and continued into my adulthood when I moved to England, hardly knowing a single word of English, and everything I’ve accomplished since then to learn about the world of fashion and beauty that I so desperately wanted to be a major part of. 


In essence, Valuxxo isn’t just a brand or a name; it’s a living ethos about the liberating power of being your authentic self. This isn’t always easy. Society often pressures us into hiding our true selves, a struggle that persists even in the most progressive communities. But why should anyone have to live under such constraints? Much of this comes from external forces—people and institutions that make us uncomfortable in our own skin.


Sharing my story aims to show that obstacles can be overcome, no matter your background. My story was hard, but overcoming my challenges is what gave me the strength and ambition to start Valuxxo as a product of my genuine identity – including my sexuality and my passion and love for beauty, fashion, and skincare for men like me. 

Difficult Beginnings

Growing up in a small Sicilian seaside town as the youngest of three brothers, my home life was far from ideal. My father was an alcoholic, violent towards my mother, and absent as a family man. This toxic environment shaped my negative view of him, especially as my mother faced frequent hospitalizations due to his abuse. Trapped by emotional and financial dependence, my mother couldn’t escape this harmful relationship.

So, I grew up seeing a very strong dichotomy between my father – strong, violent, and having no respect for the family at all, and my mother – poor, powerless, and lacking her own agency.

As a teenager, I wasn’t much happier than I was as a child. I didn’t smile very often. I wasn’t living the kind of fun and carefree life that teenagers are supposed to have. I know that things could have been much worse than they were for me, but at that time, I didn’t think much about the world outside my life. All I could see was that I was stuck with my family, my poor situation at home, and my own issues. 

After a while, these problems began to express themselves in me as my own form of alcoholism, like my father before me. Almost every time I went out with friends, I ended up drinking more than I could handle. My problem with alcohol got so bad that it put me into a coma on three separate occasions. I knew deep down that I was abusing myself in this way because I still wasn’t happy. Alcohol was my easiest escape from the situation. It allowed me to temporarily forget about everything. Of course, that didn’t help. It only made things worse for me because I still had to deal with the reality of my life. 

When college came around, focusing on studies was impossible, given my personal struggles. Around that time, my mother finally left my father. My brothers and I chose to live with her, supporting her newfound freedom. However, she eventually returned to him, pulling me back into the unhealthy household I was so eager to leave.

This cycle finally led me to a breaking point. I recognized that to find peace and embrace my true self, I needed to permanently distance myself from my toxic home life.

The Monumental Move to England

In 2012, I took a leap of faith by selling my car and using the money to strike out on my own. Uncertain about the future but clear that I needed to escape an unhealthy past, I decided to use this fresh start to explore both the world and myself. Inspired by my love for American music and the role of English in the fashion and beauty industries, I chose to move to the UK.

I initially settled in Brighton, where I worked as an assistant hairdresser. While polishing my basic English skills, I earned my first independent income, stepping beyond the shadow of my dysfunctional family. The challenges of adapting to a new culture and language were tough but invigorating. I felt I was on the right track to escape my troubled history.

At that point, I started diving into courses on fashion styling and image consulting. I thought, why not improve my English while focusing on something that genuinely excites me? It soon became apparent that my true passions lay in the realms of fashion and beauty. From then on, I began to transform into a new version of myself, one that felt increasingly authentic. I started drawing inspiration from art, the beauty around me, and the diverse people I encountered. A shift was happening within me—I was not only gaining confidence but also evolving into a better, more complete individual.

I chose to move on from Brighton because I was hungry for a setting with more business prospects. I sensed that it was time to stretch my limits, to put my ambitions to the test. I yearned for something grander, something I felt was within me but had never had the chance to explore fully. So, I relocated to London, where I secured a job with a company that coordinated backstage operations for major fashion shows and beauty events. This role introduced me to a network of professionals in both the fashion and music industries, immersing me in an entirely new world—one that I absolutely adored.

I finally began moving away from my troubled past and became more comfortable with my own identity and sexuality. I felt ready to come out, not worrying about family judgment or societal views. I was on a journey of self-discovery, figuring out my life goals and who I truly wanted to be.

My relationship with my mother and brothers began to improve when I truly understood myself and my aspirations. As for my father, we’ve lost touch and I’ve come to realize that my life is better without his presence. I don’t harbor any resentment towards him; in fact, I’m grateful. My current journey and the realization of my dreams may owe something to him as well. I continue to maintain ties with my mother and brothers because they’ve been supportive of my transformation and new ventures. Although our lifestyles and coping mechanisms differ, there’s a foundation of mutual respect and affection that we share.

As I immersed myself deeper into the world of fashion and beauty, attending backstage events, fashion shows, and various gatherings, I began to notice areas that could be improved. Every day after work, I would go home and rigorously study anything and everything related to fashion, beauty, design, and entrepreneurship. I felt compelled to act, to convey my unique message to the world through my own brand, built on authentic values and a compelling narrative. I began to clarify my purpose: to create a brand that was not just genuine, but also a true reflection of the person I had become, because I had so much I wanted to communicate and share.

Once I discovered my true self, my drive, ambition, and focus converged, leading me to establish my own brand. This was the genesis of my blog, Valextino. It became more than just a platform for sharing fashion, styling, and grooming tips; it evolved into a beacon of hope for those who, like me, had faced struggles with self-care.

The Birth of Valuxxo

Men's Shop

I believe that it’s very important to always work toward trying to be your best self for your own sake and not for others. I do what I do for my own sake, for my own fulfilment. Beauty matters a great deal to me and my sense of identity. When I look at the mirror, I’m really happy to see myself looking happier and healthier than I ever did during my difficult early years before I was able to express myself.  For me, fashion and grooming are not acts of vanity for public display but are personal forms of empowerment. This is the core philosophy behind Valuxxo.

In addition to my blog, I had a strong desire to launch my own brand focused on clothing and skincare. I’ve always been passionate about taking care of my skin and striving for a healthy diet. I’m conscientious about what I consume and apply to my skin. Sustainability is a priority for me, and I want every aspect of my brand to align with my personal values. Both the ingredients in my products and their packaging are chosen to reflect an eco-friendly and natural ethos that I can fully stand behind.

The name Valuxxo has a special place in my heart; it’s what my mother has called me since childhood and continues to do so. It’s one of the rare positive elements that persisted from my challenging early family life. Choosing this name for my fashion and skincare brand marks a personal renaissance for me, turning a difficult past into a source of positive impact. My goal is to encourage others to fully embrace and love themselves, not for societal approval, but for their own authentic identities, looks, and values. That’s the core message I aim to convey. I advocate for shame-free self-expression for everyone. By harnessing the power of art, creativity, and the collective wisdom of experienced and gifted individuals, I seek to share this empowering message with the world.

The ethos behind Valuxxo is deeply rooted in my personal journey and in values I hold as fundamental truths. I’m convinced that the true essence of life is captured through the harmony of nature, the solidarity of community, and the freedom of artistic expression. I feel that everyone has the right to look in the mirror and feel proud of their own skin and the persona they present to the world. To me, this self-empowerment and personal alignment, not societal expectations or external pressures, define authentic living.

Every product that Valuxxo creates adheres to rigorous quality guidelines, from the sourcing of materials to manufacturing and distribution. Our brand serves as an extension of our core values, and we encourage our customers to live by these principles as well. Just as I discovered my true self by shedding life’s inauthentic and harmful influences, we believe that everyone has the power to lead a life that’s aligned with their authentic selves. It all starts with making conscious choices.

Why “For Men”

The reason Valuxxo is geared toward men is that the brand is a true reflection of my own authentic self, both personally and professionally. It gives me the opportunity to fully express my creativity, something that motivates me each day to produce the best possible quality products for both myself and my clients—because we all deserve the best.

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