What is the story of Valuxxo?

Valuxxo is the result of a transformative journey toward self-affirmation, marked by the bravery to overcome challenges and a passion for men’s fashion and beauty. Birthed from a personal voyage that wove through the heart of Italy to the bustling streets of England, the brand embodies the freedom of expression and the authenticity of those who dare to show their true selves.


At Valuxxo, each product is a homage to the founder’s own story of resilience and self-actualization, who rose above the adversities of a complex family life in Sicily, discovering his identity and sexuality on a path fraught with hurdles. Alcoholism, economic challenges, and a difficult family environment only served to strengthen his resolve to realize a dream.


Thus, Valuxxo is more than beauty and fashion; it is a message of resilience and self-love. It represents a life that, against countless challenges, found a universal language of expression in fashion and fertile ground in the United Kingdom to flourish. It is the story of someone who, even in the deepest darkness, found light and transformed it into a brand that today stands for authenticity, quality, and an unstoppable desire to be oneself.

Difficult Beginnings

Born in a small Sicilian village, my childhood was far from the serene tales one might expect by the sea. My family was broken: a father who drowned his battles in wine and a brave yet trapped mother who endured too much. I witnessed violence, felt the pain, and within me grew a longing for a different tomorrow.

As a teenager, smiles were rare. The simple joy of youth was foreign to me. Back then, my greatest struggle was with myself, with the truth of my identity that I had to hide: I was gay, and this was a secret too heavy to carry.

Friends were my beacon, but they were not enough to clear the shadows. So, I found myself following in my father’s footsteps, seeking solace in alcohol that never came. It was an escape that always led back to the starting point, with more scars on my soul.

When my mother decided to leave my father, it was like watching a crack form in a dam. But the freedom was short-lived. She went back, and without choice, I did too. But something inside me had changed. I knew I had to leave, that my place was no longer there, under those stars.

I left everything to find out who I really was, far from the chains of the past. My story is not only mine but belongs to anyone who has felt the weight of an unchosen life. It’s a reminder that no matter how dark our beginnings may be, each of us can search for the light. True freedom begins when we break free from the threads of the past and start dancing to the rhythm of our own hearts.

The Monumental Move to England

In 2012, I sold my car to fund a journey of self-discovery. I wasn’t sure where I was headed, but one thing was clear: I had to escape a life that didn’t feel like mine.

The world around me seemed out of place, largely because of toxic relationships, including my family. It was time to use that opportunity to explore, to learn more about who I truly was.

I was drawn to the idea of immersing myself in new cultures and viewpoints. I wanted a place where I could feel safe and accepted. My desire to learn English was not just about understanding the songs of my favorite American artists, but I also knew that the language would open doors in the worlds of fashion and beauty. Thus, the United Kingdom became my destination.

In Brighton, as a hairdresser’s assistant, I began to practice my basic English. Although my opportunities were limited, I started earning and expanding my horizons. Despite the challenges, I was happier than I had ever been.

That’s when I began studying Fashion Styling and Image Consulting, blending language learning with what I loved. I found myself increasingly comfortable in my own skin, inspired by the art and beauty around me.

I left Brighton for London, hungry for greater opportunities. I began working behind the scenes at fashion shows and events, diving into a fascinating world. This experience opened the doors to the fashion and music industry for me, taking me further away from my past.

Finally comfortable with my sexuality and identity, I decided to come out. Discovering and defining my desires became my mission.

The relationship with my mother and siblings improved once they understood the real me. With my father, however, the bond dissolved without regrets. Though he was not present, I am grateful to him for indirectly guiding me on my path.

Amidst the tumult of fashion and beauty, I saw endless possibilities for innovation. Every evening, after work, I studied, trying to create something of my own. My brand had to tell a story of truth and values.

Thus was born my blog, Valuxxo, a platform and community dedicated to fashion, beauty, and the positive message of self-acceptance. It was the narrative of my transformation, and sharing this journey has become my greatest passion.

The Birth of Valuxxo

Logo White

I firmly believe that the secret to living well is to work every day to improve oneself. Not to prove something to others, but to feel good about oneself, to achieve one’s dreams and to find happiness. For me, beauty is important because it’s part of who I am. When I look in the mirror and like what I see, I feel good.

I don’t follow fashion just for the sake of it: I take care of myself because it makes me happy. It’s important to me that others feel good about themselves too, and I try to inspire them to do so.

I’ve always wanted to do more than just write on a blog. I wanted to create something of my own, something that speaks about what I love: taking care of one’s skin and living healthily. It’s also fundamental for me to respect the environment, so my products are made with natural ingredients and in eco-friendly packaging.

Valuxxo is a name that ties me to the fondest memories of my childhood, a name my mother used to call me. With this brand, I want to turn the ugly things from the past into something positive to share with everyone. I want people to learn to love themselves for who they are, without worrying about the judgment of others.

Valuxxo is my way of expressing myself, my creativity, and everything I’ve learned. With talented people by my side, I want to offer something special to the world.

The Valuxxo brand is the fruit of my life and my values. I believe that in nature, community, and expressing oneself lies the true essence of life. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves and to be happy with their own image. That is what it means to have control over one’s own life.

Personal care is essential, both inside and out. Feeling good about one’s appearance is as important as being emotionally well. For this reason, I dedicate myself to creating high-quality products that help people feel and look their best.

Valuxxo adheres to high-quality standards in everything: from the ingredients we choose, to the way we produce and sell our products. It all starts with the choices we make every day.

And why “For Men”? Valuxxo represents my personal story, my authenticity. I want every man to be able to find his own way to express himself and feel good, just as I have. Every day, my creativity and commitment serve this purpose, to give my best to myself and to those who choose Valuxxo.


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