The Brand

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At the heart of Valuxxo sits a clear understanding of what it takes to look after your skin and appearance. We believe that men should be given access to the right products that allow them to create a skincare routine that leaves them feeling youthful and confident.

Every product that we have designed, created, harnessed and released has been made with attention to the very aspects of life that underpin the core values of Valuxxo as a brand.

Everything about our brand comes from life experience and our ability to understand the very essence of life which is to embrace every opportunity and live for yourself.

Products that Inspire and Transform

We have a history that has been driven by a love for fashion and beauty and collectively, these two interests and passions have come together to allow us to create premium products that will truly do what they promise.

We have developed and placed a lot of time and effort into creating high-end products designed for the modern man.

The reality is that self-care comes from within and that’s why we believe that our products are perfectly positioned to help every man achieve an exceptional level of self-care.

We strive to create products that deliver a clear message which is with confidence comes the ability to reach your full potential and that means that the sky’s the limit.

Products Made with Luxurious and Natural Ingredients

We understand that the modern man is conscious about the world we live in and we wanted to create a Premium Skincare range that is not just beneficial for our skin but also the environment.

We believe in sustainability when it comes to creating every single one of our products. Therefore, we use natural ingredients that come from a sustainable resource while ensuring that they are handled with care and attention, ensuring you benefit from everything that they have to offer.

Every product that Valuxxo offers has been designed using the latest techniques as well as raw materials that deliver an exceptional level of quality that can boost the look of your skin and your appearance.

Rich in active ingredients, our high-end, high-quality approach uses
natural procedures and environmentally-friendly methods to ensure we continue to deliver on each and every promise we make.

We commit ourselves to overcome challenges to create products that are natural, safe, sustainable and vegan, giving 21st-century men the opportunity to create a young and healthy appearance that leaves them feeling youthful.

The Founder

Valuxxo is how his mom call him back home in Sicily, where he comes from and his real name is Valentino.

Originally from Italy, Valuxxo is a qualified Image Consultant and Fashion Stylist, who believes that Fashion, Style and self-care are important tools for expressing yourself and feel happier in your own skin.

Valuxxo, understands Image impacts not only how others see you, but also and especially how you see yourself and how you feel in your own skin.

Having had a challenging start in life and understanding what it means to lack confidence, his goal was to create a brand that empowers and inspire men to love themselves and believe in themselves.

For themselves!

“ Image is very much about being true to who you are as a person. Self-respect and self-love are the basis for each individual to feel more confident and happier! ”



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