Styles mistakes men make (accidentally!)

Men’s Style Mistakes are usually more often seen as little is said about the male body’s shape.

How to improve it? It is more difficult for men to find their style balance.

The desire to look trendy and “unique” often pushes men to make small style mistakes (completely unintentional).

Take note of our simple style tips. You will learn how to make the most out of your strengths.

If you are ready to make a few little changes and identify your style. You won’t find any difficulty following our style tips.

In most cases, men’s style mistakes are accidental — linked to insecurity and doubt.

Once you have grasped our advice, you will find your balance without problems. You will feel confident and ready to experiment.

Remember that experimentation is key to finding your style. 

It allows you to identify the garments that can bring out the best, both in terms of aesthetics and emotion.

The difference between a nice suit and a “common” one is the way you wear it. 

Confidence gives you beauty and makes you stand out from the crowd.

The Most Common Men's Style Mistake

The Most Common Men’s Style Mistake: How To Avoid Them? 

Let’s try to understand together which are the most commoners style mistakes of all. 

But most importantly, we want to tell you how to avoid making them permanently.

You will find that these are simple habits. Small changes that don’t require much effort will change your image for a better version of yourself.

Commit yourself to changing the idea you have of yourself — rediscovering security and serenity.

A person who’s confident in his future, ready to face any difficulty, can attract many more glances.

If you are uncomfortable, people will smell it.

The greatest strength of having a well-defined men’s style is fluency, the freedom to walk peacefully with your head held high.

1) Do Not Employ The Full Power Of Men’s Fragrances

Let’s start with our first tip for a solid and recognizable style. We are talking about men’s perfumes.

Most men’s scents are characterized by solid and intense smells, which attract attention and give that neat idea of ​​a healthy and strong man.

Do not underestimate the importance of good perfume, which can change people’s perception of you.

Our advice is to choose fragrances that can quickly adapt to the seasons and their different temperatures.

Fruity and floral scents are more suitable for summer and spring precisely because they reinforce natural smells in nature.

While the musky ones – typical of men’s perfumes – are more suitable for winter and autumn, when it’s colder, and temperatures begin to drop.

Moreover, perfumes favour a positive first impression.

When you introduce yourself to someone, you are more likely to make an excellent first impression if you smell good. Maybe even charming that girl you like so much. 😉

2) Button up Your Shirt Till The End

It may seem weird, but among the most commonly made men’s style mistakes, it is precisely that of buttoning the shirt or jacket to the last button.

Most men tend to button up even the last button without leaving it open as it should be.

It may seem like a small thing, but it has a fascinating impact on people.

The last button opened gives the idea of ​​being reasoned. 

As if you have spent time deciding what to wear to best complement your outfit.

This stylistic habit has rather ancient origins. It dates back to King Edward VII. 

The king (a chubby chick) used to leave his waistcoat open to avoid accidentally unbuttoning it while walking. 

His significant influence on the palace made it easy for everyone else to follow this new fashion trend. 

Indeed, King Edward had a long-range view of this stylistic idea, which has become trendy in today’s fashion walk.

Able to improve the male figure, sleek the body, and make it look more balanced.

It is especially perfect for those who have a sturdy build and want to slim down their shape.

3) Fearing Dark Colour: Another Men’s Style Mistake

The third men’s style mistake involves clothing and, in particular, the wrong choice of colour.

Sometimes, it happens to be “scared” by dark colours. 

Lighter shades are often preferred. Light colours make us feel calm, especially those associated with Earth and natural tones.

Yet: it is convenient to rely on dark colours and the elegance they communicate on some occasions.

It is never wrong to wear a tuxedo or a dark suit at dress code events, which require a specific formal outfit.

If you don’t like total black, you can opt for adding slight tones of colour. 

The shirt, for example, could be a pastel colour to create a nice contrast with the black of the suit.

Don’t be afraid of dark colours. Get to know how to use them in your favour.

Make your suit shade choice accordingly to the type of event you are going to, whether it is best to opt for dark or light colours.

The choice is yours, although it might be good to seek the advice of someone experienced who knows fashion and all the latest trends.

4) Choosing The Wrong Size 

This mistake is probably the most common of all. 

Getting the wrong clothes size is very common among men.

Sometimes it comes down to distraction. Maybe you don’t want to try on that shirt, so you fall into the classic mistake of the wrong size.

It might not seem that bad to you. But honestly, a wrong size can penalize your style by making you look “bigger” or “shorter.” 

Take the photo below as an example. You can conclude yourself with how their look.

Before choosing which new clothes to buy, look at the shape of your body, identifying the main strengths.

What do you like most about yourself when you look in the mirror?

Well, improve the point you like best.

There are many clothes for men, just like there are many cuts of dresses for women. 

To find the right one that fits your body, start trying different ones.

Men’s style is built by testing and eliminating everything that does not flatter them.

Look at all the possible patterns and try them out. 

By doing so, you will have a clear view of what gives you charm and what does not fit your body shape.

Once you have found a suitable model, dedicate yourself to finding the perfect size.

Also, in this case, we proceed by trying more sizes and figuring out which fits best as no all brand works the same.

Get the shop assistants to help, but also trust your eyes.

5) Copy A Style That Doesn’t Suit You 

That’s another big-time mistake most men make. 

When looking for your style, don’t mistake imitating the wrong one when you want to change and attract external attention.

People will notice if you try to appear what you don’t. You will not value yourself as you thought.

As mentioned above, the most critical aspect of building a personal style is trust.

If you are not sure what you are wearing and what combinations are made, the result will be fake and constructed. 

Not at all-natural and realistic.

Style is not copied but built!

Only when you know what you like and don’t can you decide what to wear and whatnot.

Don’t try to copy the style of others. It may not fit your personality or, worse, your body.

Being yourself is the most potent weapon. It will lead you to unexpected results and constant external recognition.

6) Hide Your Face

Last but not least of our tips list is another widespread men’s style mistake. Covering your face — an error strictly connected to insecurity and lack of self-confidence.

When you are unsure of your look, uncertain of the beauty of your face, you tend to hide it, keeping away from others’ looks.

Many men grow long beards to hide acne scars or get extra protection from the external gaze.

Likewise, you may find yourself deciding to let your hair grow out to have a safety curtain — a safe hiding place behind which to hide.

Most use hoodies and shades for the same purpose.

There is nothing wrong with being insecure, but only working on it a little. 

Don’t let this condition deny you the chance to be happy.

What you should do is work on your body — trying to reach the best version of yourself.

If you don’t like your skin type, start a skincare process. One that can help you make it smooth and bright.

Take a look at the natural products of our Valuxxo brand – specially designed for the most demanding men.

If you don’t like your haircut, try a new one. If you have decided to grow a beard, make sure the shape matches your face line.

Don’t give up, dare and re-dare. A solid masculine style is achieved with constancy and dedication, paying attention to all possible details.

Bottom Line

We have analyzed all the most common men’s style mistakes. Very often made accidentally. 

You can finally drop them and start a path of change.

Working on your outer appearance will also improve your inner one. Try to understand what makes you happy and what makes you feel confident to wear.

Use our tips as a starting point.

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