Styles and Shape for varying Male Body Types

Style and Fashion

Different male body types are in need of different styles of clothing.

In this post, I’ll break down various male body types and cover styles, shapes, and sizes for the maximum image advantage, regardless of your size.

The male body comes in varied shapes and sizes and in the same way, as women can dress in certain styles to create different illusions, men can too.

A lot of men tend to wear larger-sized clothes as they feel it will make them appear slimmer. Wrong! Larger, looser-fitting clothes actually make them appear larger.


With broad shoulders and slim hips, it is thought of as the ideal male body shape that can be natural or emphasized with exercise. This is one of the male body types that looks good whether slim or muscular build.

Jackets and coats for inverted triangle male body types

– Single or double-breasted, ensure adequate fabric across shoulders to allow good posture and movement

– Medium or wide lapels/reverse, depending on the general build

– Flying or padded, waist-length casual jackets 

– Double-breasted or belted overcoats and raincoats

– Flapped side pockets.

– Double or single back vent in suits and sports jackets

Shirts and Tops

– Should always be worn tucked in at the waist

– Draped or wide set-in sleeves

– V necklines

– American-style t-shirts.


– Slim, straight or tapered legs

– Tight denim

– Pleated waist for suits and formal styles

– All trousers/jeans should be belted.

Avoid for inverted triangle male body types

– Baggy knitwear

– Baggy or wide-legged trousers

– Bulky shoulder padding.


Shoulders and hips appear to be similar in width with an undefined waist. This shape can be tall and slim, or short/medium and thickset.

Tall and slim

Jackets and coats

– Doubled breasted

– Tailored classic styles

– Square shoulder pads

– Double-breasted

– Longer length coats

– Belted raincoats

Shirts and tops

– Horizontal Stripes

– Full-cut shirts

– Bulky casual layers


– Single pleated

– Turn-ups (cuffs)

– Chino/cargo pants

– Regular or straight-leg denim


– Tight-fitting clothes

– Bold vertical stripes

– Same coloured top and bottom (If wearing a suit, select bold coloured/patterned tie.)


Jackets and coats for thickset column male body types

– Single breasted

– Modern tailored style

– Light shoulder pads

– Single-breasted, medium-length coat

– ½ belted raincoats

Shirts and tops

– Breast pocket details

– Tailored, crisp shirts

– T-shirts are worn under shirts for warmth.


– Single or double pleat

– No turn ups

– Chinos, neat pockets

– Regular fit denim


– Tight or baggy styles

– Vertical stripes

– Bold colour contrast

– Very wide belts


Weight carried on arms, waist, tummy and buttocks. Legs can be thickset or slim. Height will need to be considered when advising rounded clients.

Jackets and coats for the rounded male body types

– Single-breasted

– Light shoulder pads

– Single back vent

– Soft shaping on revers and lapels

– Concealed pockets, no visible flaps

Shirts and tops for rounded male body types

– Vertical lines and patterns

– Natural and loose weave fabrics

– Raglan sleeves

– Rounded collars

– Tone colours with trousers


– Natural waistline

– Soft styling, relaxed fit

– Straight legs

– Dark colours, matte fabrics

To Avoid

– Very narrow or wide ties

– Tight clothing

– Bold pattern ties

– Casual tops tucked in at the waist

– Low waistlines


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