Short Hairstyles for Men Ideas and Trends

When it comes to looking at short hairstyles for men it might seem like everything is the same. Many people think short hairstyles for men mean sticking to your standard more boring hairstyles.

But just because you have shorter hair that doesn’t mean you can’t rock a more creative and interesting hairstyle. 
Below we’ve set out our short hairstyles for men guide! We’ll look at many different styles and examine short hairstyles for men that suit both thin and thick hair.

We’ll also look at short hairstyles for men with beards as well and finish up our guide by looking at the more classic men’s short hairstyles

Valuxxo  | Short Hairstyles for Men Ideas and Trends


So, let’s start our look at short hairstyles for men by examining styles that work best with thin hair.

Many men have thin hair and hair naturally thins over time but don’t worry you can still have a very stylish haircut.

Thin hair doesn’t have to hold you back you just have to know how to style it.


Layering is a popular option for men who have thin hair which makes sense. Layering is a quick and effective way to make thin hair look thicker, but the side-swept takes a very different approach and is a great short hairstyle for men. The side-swept gives you a loose fringe that helps offset thin hair and gives you a full thick-looking hairstyle. An informal, relaxed style that is perfect for short hair.


Men with short hair often won’t even attempt a slicked-back hairstyle especially if they have thin hair. But despite what you may think this hairstyle can look great, you just have to do it the right way. Use a little hair wax to gently slick your hair back into a neat pompadour, you can even add a little lift in the centre if you like. It’s a simple yet striking look and the wax helps thin hair appear much thicker.

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Keratin & Hyaluronic Acid Hair Mask Bio: Maintain the health and texture of your short hair with our deep conditioning mask. It’s ideal for reinforcing hair strength and hydration, providing the necessary support to keep your short style looking sharp and well-maintained.

Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamins Styling Cream Bio: Define and style your short hair effortlessly. This styling cream offers a natural hold, perfect for sculpting without weighing down your hair, while nourishing ingredients keep your locks healthy and vibrant.

Our men’s hair products work together to ensure your hair not only looks great but is also strong, hydrated, and resilient.


Forming your hair into neat little spikes is a more unusual short hairstyle for men to try. But if you’re looking for something more adventurous you might be surprised just how well this hairstyle can work. Use gel or wax to form neat spikes around your hair after it’s been washed and then leave hair standing up and a little loose. It might seem messy but when you’re finished you’ll have a cool and stylish casual hairstyle.


When it comes to short hairstyles for men most won’t even try an undercut, but they should because you can get a striking cut even with short hair. With your sides faded and the hair on top quite short, you can create a striking contrast that helps short hair look much thicker. Best of all, you can even add some extra flourish to your hair by making it wavy or curly for some extra texture.


Short hairstyles for men can still look fashionable and the Ivy League style cut is actually quite popular with a number of celebrities. It’s also quite a simple hairstyle to pull off and looks very sharp. All you need to do is gently slick your hair back and you can even have it gently flow to one side following your natural parting as well.  


Short hairstyles for men do have much more variety to them than you might first think and a regular issue we’ve already seen crop up is many men don’t try them because they think they won’t work. But a thin-hair faux hawk can be a striking and stylish haircut that is simple and easy to put together. Just gently build your hair up into the faux hawk at the top of your head with some texture spray or wax and you’ll have a sharp, modern style. The faux hawk also helps your hair look more textured and thick as well.


The crew cut can be a good choice when it comes to short hairstyles for men however, the side-swept crew cut is a more modern alternative that adds some extra flourish to the classic style. Simply leave a bit more hair and gently texture it with some wax or spray. Then brush it gently to the side or even use your fingers to make it look more relaxed. It’s a stylish twist on a traditional short hairstyle perfect for men with short thin/ fine hair.


The comb-over might seem like a strange choice given that it usually needs longer hair to work. But a short hair comb-over can still work, and it makes an unusual but striking short hairstyle. It’s done in much the same way as a classic comber over but just won’t look as long. You can even add some extra texture to the top or get your sides faded to create a more striking contrast. It’s a very versatile style and one I highly recommend trying if you want a hairstyle for both casual and formal occasions.


A brush-up can be a difficult hairstyle to pull off with thin/ fine hair. But it can work you just need to approach things carefully. Add some wax or texture spray to the top of your hair and then brush it up into a top point. If you want to create a greater contrast then you should have the sides of your hair shaved or faded. This will help the textured brush-up look thicker when compared to the shorter sides.


So, we’ve taken a look at the short hairstyles for men with thin hair now let’s turn our gaze towards short hairstyles for men with thick hair, shall we? Men with thick hair have a bit more variety when it comes to choosing a hairstyle however there will also be some styles that won’t look as good. Thin and thick hair are very different so let’s look at some short hairstyles for men with thick hair.


The cropped hairstyle is in fashion these days and men with thick hair can certainly rock them but what’s the best way to put one together? Adding some extra texture to the top of your hair and wearing a blunt fringe across your forehead can create a striking style that works beautifully with thick hair. Short or faded sides then help highlight the top of your head to create a striking haircut perfect for men with thick hair.


Simple but striking a messy textured hairstyle is perfect for men with thick hair! It’s also a very easy haircut to put together and is ideal for relaxed, casual, and informal occasions. Use some wax or texturing spray to pull hair into some messy waves and don’t put much thought into it if you want the hair to look relaxed and natural. Even with short hair this hairstyle can be very eye-catching and is a great relaxed cut that beautifully highlights thick hair.


When it comes to choosing short hairstyles for men sometimes you don’t want something at the cutting edge of fashion or a complicated time-consuming hairstyle. If you just want a striking yet simple haircut then this is the one for you! Just add a little spray to your hair to make it wavy and then leave it as it is. That’s all you need to do although you can make it a little messier if you want something a bit more casual-looking.


When it comes to short hairstyles for men having thick hair gives you a few different styles that would be more difficult to pull off with thinner hair. One of these styles worth trying is a brush up which can help highlight the thickness of your hair. While a brush-up hairstyle is normally used for medium to long hair it can make a great style for short, thick hair as well. Simply brush the hair up after it’s been washed, and you can even add some wax to give it some extra hold as well. It’s a simple but versatile hairstyle and ideal for all kinds of events/ occasions.


A quiff is another hairstyle that many people think is exclusive to medium or long hair but a short quiff (also known as a mild quiff) can make a very eye-catching short hairstyle. It’s a stylish haircut but also one that is quite conservative as well with a neat appearance. So, it’s ideal for formal and casual occasions, and putting a quiff together is easier than you might think just use some wax or spray and then gently brush the hair into a neat quiff. You can even shave your sides as well to create an effective contrast although you don’t need to you can keep them thick and full.


Sometimes to find the best short hairstyles for men you need to think outside the box! The crew cut brush-up combines two hairstyles we’ve already talked about to create something new. It’s another inventive take on the classic crew cut and is perfect for thick hair. Start with a simple crewcut but leave the top of your head full and then simply brush the hair up. You can even add some wax or spray to give your hair some extra texture. When brushed up even short thick hair can look much longer, it’s a very masculine hairstyle that’s perfect for guys who want to try something new. 


As you can see the brush-up hairstyles look particularly good with thick hair so let’s look at one more. The mountain brush-up is a relaxed and messy look that can even work in more formal events as well. Use some wax or texture spray and then gently brush your hair up towards the middle of your head. You can then use your fingers to tousle it and make it look more relaxed and stylish. You can fade the sides of your head as well to create a more striking, eye-catching contrast which will also help highlight the thickness of your hair.  


Let’s close our look at short hairstyles for men with thick hair with something a little different a side-swept fringe. Now I know what you’re thinking I have short hair I don’t think I can really pull off a fringe, but you might be surprised. Wash and then brush your hair down paying particular attention to the front of your hair. Let your hair drop and then sweep it gently to the side to create a flowing short fringe. This hairstyle can be worn in both formal and casual settings and offers something a little different for men who have short thick hair.  


Many men don’t try curly hair and even if their hair is naturally curly they will often straighten it out. But a short curly hairstyle can look great and it’s sure to be eye-catching. You don’t really have to do much with this hairstyle either just let your natural curls do their thing if your hair is straight then you can curl it. Short curls can look very fashionable and all you need to do is let them fall about on your head for a messy and striking style.

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I think it’s fair to say that short hairstyles for men are more popular when compared to medium to long-length hairstyles. Many men prefer shorter hairstyles because too many people they are more masculine. This is enhanced when paired with a beard, in fact, a short hairstyle and beard are a very popular combo. 

But this has led to some stagnation when it comes to variety. If you have a beard then you should try to find a short hairstyle for men that actually complements it while also highlighting your personality. So, to help you find a fitting short hairstyle check out our list of short hairstyles for men with beards below.


Who doesn’t know the buzz cut? This famous short hairstyle is low maintenance, neat and trim. It’s a very masculine hairstyle as well and goes brilliantly with a beard. One of the best things about the buzz cut is you can quite easily give yourself this style without needing to see a barber or hairdresser. Is it the most exciting hairstyle? Well no it isn’t but it works brilliantly with a beard and together they make a great combo. So, if you want something more simple the buzz cut is what you want.


Messy hairstyles work particularly well with beards and whether you have a short neat beard or something a little messier/ flowing a short shaggy hairstyle can make you a great partner. Short shaggy hair can come in a number of styles but one of the best is to simply brush your hair up and add a little wax or texture spray. Then let your hair flow to the sides, it’s a relaxed and casual style that pairs brilliantly with a beard.


Many of the short hairstyles for men we’ve looked at are quite easy to pull off, but the short quiff is a more complicated look. But if you’re up to the challenge it can be a very stylish short hairstyle that will be wonderful with a beard. Use some texture/ volume spray to brush your hair up into a neat quiff and once everything is set and ready you’ll be amazed by how well this modern style pairs with a beard. Medium to short beards work particularly well with a short quiff style but even longer beards can partner with it well. 


If you want something a little more adventurous and punk-inspired then a brushed-up faux hawk could be the style for you. This casual hairstyle pairs well with shorter beards and is quite easy to put together. Simply brush your hair up and use some wax or texture spray to give the hair some extra hold. You can leave the hair flowing or use some wax/ spray to create some casual points/ spikes around the faux hawk if you prefer.


Neat and trim with a modern edge to it the French crop is a popular choice for men with short hair and it works particularly well with a short beard. One of the best things about the French crop is that it’s a very low-maintenance hairstyle and quite masculine. This masculine quality is further enhanced by the presence of a sharp short beard. The French crop puts the focus squarely at the top of your head and the faded sides help shape your face with your beard. A stylish and modern choice the French crop is a great choice for the modern style-conscious man of today.


While the side-swept might not be the most interesting and adventurous hairstyle you might be surprised by how well it works with a beard. A side-swept hairstyle is quite simple and easy to put together and there are a number of different approaches you can take. Our favourite style is to add some texture spray or wax to your hair and then brush it to the side following your parting. Even with short hair, you can get a fashionable side sweep that will go brilliantly with a short to medium-length beard. If you want something a little more fashionable that you can wear in both casual and formal settings it’s a great choice.


This hairstyle is similar to the brushed-up faux hawk that I talked about earlier however this hairstyle has a simpler look to it. Using some wax or texture spray simply brush your hair up to a fine point at the top of your head. This forward point can help highlight your hair and it will frame beautifully with a beard for a simple yet bold, masculine hairstyle. If you want a simple, easy-to-maintain hairstyle then a pointed brush-up is a fine choice.


Finally, let’s look at a hairstyle that some might not actually consider a hairstyle at all! Since going bald means having no hair it could be considered that it’s not really a hairstyle at all but rather the absence of one. But I think it’s fair to class it as a hairstyle and it’s certainly a very dynamic and masculine one that works brilliantly with a beard. By having no hair on your head, the focus is all on your beard which can create a very dynamic and strong look. Some people won’t want to try it as it is a very love it or hate it look but if you’re brave and want something new it could be an excellent choice.

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So, we’ve looked at many of the different short hairstyles for men to try haven’t we?

Whether your hair is thick or thin or you want something to go with your beard we’ve looked at a variety of different hairstyles for you to try. However, let’s close out our look at the many different short hairstyles for men to try with classic short hairstyles.

What do we mean by men’s classic short hairstyles? Well, these are the traditional hairstyles that most men will have had at least once in their lives.

Classic hairstyles might not be the most adventurous, but they can give you a great place to start your search if you want to change your hair to something new. They’re reliable and dependable hairstyles than any man could try and remember you can always alter them a little to add some extra flourish. 


Masculine, low maintenance, and striking a buzzcut are one of the best short hairstyles for men. Giving yourself a buzzcut is also quite straightforward if you have the right equipment. Now while the traditional buzzcut is the most common there are some alternatives and variations to consider if you want to try something a little different.

The common buzzcut will be a near-total shave but you don’t have to go that extreme. You could opt for a shorter buzzcut like a brush cut or have the sides of your head shaved short while having the top of your head longer. You could also use fades with a buzzcut, and some people use this style to have designs shaved into their hair.

The buzzcut is famously one of the shortest hairstyles and is great for men who want a strong, simple, and masculine look. But there is a lot of variation to it and plenty of room for creativity so don’t be afraid of trying something new with it.


Crewcuts are a variation of a buzzcut, but the front is longer which gives you more room for individual styling. Crewcuts like buzzcuts are popular because they are simple, bold, and low maintenance and again a haircut you can give yourself with the right equipment.

However, a crewcut also gives you a bit more room for creativity and can be styled in a variety of different ways. One popular choice is to use fades to taper the cut slightly or leave the hair on the top longer so you can style it upwards. The short sides can be used to effectively contrast the longer hair at the top of your head quite easily.


The mop cut is a great choice for curly hair and gives you a more unruly hairstyle. Now while the mop cut is usually better suited for longer hair you can still rock one with shorter hair. This style of cut is designed to let your hair be more relaxed and loose but because your hair is short it will still look neat and tidy.

Some variations on the style include the tamed or neat mop which is a more tidy variation. With a brush or comb, you keep the hair neat around the sides of your head and ears. This tamed mop style is better suited for formal occasions while the messy one is better suited for casual occasions.


Slicked-back hair is an interesting hybrid as it’s a modern style but also one that is quite old-fashioned as well. What can we say it’s a bit of an enigma and works brilliantly for men who want something striking and low maintenance but without going super short like a buzzcut or crewcut.

Using wax or spray you can easily slick back your hair and keep it neat. There is a variety of different approaches to take when slicking back your hair, but we find one of the best and most popular is to slick it back following your parting. This hairstyle is neat and professional but can also be worn in more casual settings as well.


With the high volume at the front, a pompadour hairstyle might not look like a short haircut at all which is pretty much the point. A classic pompadour hairstyle can make even short hair look much longer, especially if the hair is layered. For a pompadour hairstyle, you will likely need to go to a barber/ hairdresser but the cut itself is surprisingly low maintenance.

And while the higher volume raised pompadour is the most popular there are some alternative styles worth checking out. You could opt for a super short pomp-cut if you don’t want a lot of volumes and some people find faded sides work particularly well with a pompadour cut. But whatever you opt for this is a classic style that works great for both casual and formal occasions.


A faded haircut (sometimes simply called a fade) is a simple yet striking style that has become very popular over the last decade or so. A fade is when the sides of your head are shaved very short leaving the hair around the base of your head longer in comparison.

Faded cuts come in a variety of different styles although it will usually be the longer hair that changes the fade will often be the same. Although some people do opt to have faded at different levels so designs can be shaved into their hair.

Faded styles put the focus on the top of your head and can make even short hairstyles look much longer. You’ll likely need the help of a barber/ hairdresser for a more complicated fade but if you have the right equipment giving yourself a simple short fade should be quite easy.


Let’s finish our look at the classic short hairstyles for men with simple brush backs. Even men with short hair can utilize this simple style effectively and if you want something low maintenance without going super short like a buzzcut or crewcut it could be the right choice for you. 

A brushback style is exactly what it sounds like you simply brush your hair gently back creating a more relaxed and free slicked-back style. This style can help your hair look relaxed and it’s ideal for more casual situations although as long as your hair is neat and tidy it can also easily be worn in more professional environments as well. 

Short Hairstyles For Men FAQs

Valuxxo  | Short Hairstyles for Men Ideas and Trends

What are some popular short hairstyles for men?

Some popular short hairstyles for men include the buzz cut, crew cut, French crop, and side part.

How can I style a short hairstyle for men?

A short hairstyle for men can be styled using a comb or brush, and a small amount of styling product such as pomade, wax, or gel.

What are the best products to use for short hairstyles for men?

The best products to use for short hairstyles for men are those that provide a medium hold and a natural finish, such as pomade, wax, or clay.

Can short hairstyles for men be suitable for different face shapes?

Yes, short hairstyles for men can be suitable for different face shapes, as long as the hairstyle is tailored to complement the individual’s features.

Are short hairstyles for men low maintenance?

Short hairstyles for men are generally considered low maintenance, as they require regular trims to maintain their shape and length.

How often should a man get a haircut if he has a short hairstyle?

Men with short hairstyles should get a haircut every 4-6 weeks to maintain the shape and length of the hairstyle.

What are the pros and cons of short hairstyles for men?

Pros of short hairstyles for men include low maintenance, easy to style, and suitability for different face shapes. Cons include less versatility in terms of styling options and a shorter window of time between haircuts.


So, that completes our look at the many short hairstyles for men for you to choose from. As you can see there is a hairstyle for everyone to try no matter what look you’re going for. Many people think of buzz and crewcuts when it comes to short hairstyles and while they are classic choices there is much more than just those available. 

But even if you do want a very short hairstyle like a buzz or crewcut you might be surprised by just how many different variations there are to choose from. Short hair doesn’t have to mean boring after all. So, whether you’re looking for something casual or formal or even a haircut you can wear for any occasion our guide of the best short hairstyles for men should help. 

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