Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio

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The most advanced skin-smoothing formula, designed for immediate and long-term results. Powered by a potent blend of Argireline peptide, our anti wrinkle serum diminishes the look of mimic muscle activity, giving you a visibly younger appearance from the first application. Ideal for targeting lines on the forehead, eyes, mouth, as well as extending the benefits to the neck and back of the hand. Despite the rapid visible effect, regular use will provide long-lasting and increased results!

Core Benefits:

  • Achieve a noticeably smoother complexion

  • Contains clinically-proven Argireline™ peptide

  • Immediate ‘BOTOX-like’ effect

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Hero Ingredients

Acetyl hexapeptide-8 - Argireline™

Acetyl hexapeptide-8 - Argireline™

Reduces the appearance of fine lines caused by repeated facial expressions, such as crow’s feet, glabellar lines or nasolabial lines.

Bio Aloe Vera

Bio Aloe Vera

Known for its calming properties, aloe vera also helps prevent trans-epidermal water loss, locking in hydration.

Palm free vegetable glycerin

Palm free vegetable glycerin

An excellent hydrator that works by attracting moisture from the air and holding it in the skin. It boosts skin barrier function and skin health.

Why use Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio?

Our advanced formula harnesses the power of Argireline™ peptide to deliver an immediate smoothing effect while paving the way for lasting rejuvenation. Designed to reduce the appearance of expression lines, this anti wrinkle serum works seamlessly to enhance the skin's natural vitality, from the intensity of the eyes to the curve of the smile, extending its benefits to the neck and hands. Enriched with Aloe Vera and palm-free vegetable glycerin, it locks in moisture for a resilient, youthful complexion. Valuxxo invites you to experience the pinnacle of skincare innovation where immediate results meet enduring beauty.

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How to Use:

Passo 1

On clean and dry skin, apply a small amount to target areas – forehead, around the eyes, around the lips and neck.



Passo 2

Gently tap the product into the skin for maximum absorption.



passo 3

Allow the treatment to fully absorb into the skin before moving on to your next skincare step.


  • Glycerin (Palm Free Vegetable Glycerin): Attracts moisture to the skin for hydration and softness, with an eco-friendly sourcing.

  • Acetyl Hexapeptide-8: Reduces the appearance of wrinkles by mimicking the effects of Botox, offering a non-invasive solution to smooth skin.

  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder (Aloe Vera): Concentrated form of Aloe Vera that soothes, moisturizes, and heals the skin, providing a refreshed feel.

The Advanced Anti Wrinkle Serum: Inside Valuxxo's Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio

In the pursuit of a timeless complexion, the fusion of scientific innovation with natural integrity is epitomised in Valuxxo’s Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio. This sophisticated Anti Wrinkle Serum is a beacon of skincare evolution, harnessing the formidable properties of Argireline™ peptide to not only swiftly diminish the appearance of fine lines but also to enhance skin texture and radiance over sustained use.

At the heart of Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio is Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, known in the skincare realm as Argireline™. This powerful peptide is renowned for its ability to moderate the facial muscle contractions that lead to expression lines, thus promoting a smoother and more rested facial canvas. It operates in a manner akin to Botox, without the invasiveness, allowing the skin to relax and gradually repair from the habitual strains of facial expressions.

This wrinkle reducer formulation is elevated by the inclusion of Aloe Vera, an esteemed natural component known for its calming and moisture-retaining capabilities. Aloe Vera forms a protective layer over the skin, preventing moisture loss and maintaining the skin’s elasticity and youthful plumpness.

Another pivotal element in Valuxxo’s blend is the sustainably sourced, palm-free vegetable glycerine. This variant of glycerine acts as a robust humectant, attracting and sealing moisture into the skin, reinforcing the skin’s barrier, and safeguarding it against the environmental aggressors that often precipitate premature ageing.

Valuxxo’s Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio is a testament to the brand’s vision of delivering skincare that transcends the ordinary. Each wrinkle reducer for men ampoule, crafted for efficacy and sustainability, provides several days of rejuvenation and is optimised for all skin types. Its non-greasy formula penetrates quickly, making it an impeccable choice for both morning and evening regimens.

With methodical application, users can anticipate a visage that is not only smoother to the touch but visibly more vigorous and resilient against the passage of time. This is not merely a superficial improvement; it is an investment in the skin’s enduring health, enabling it to withstand the test of time with grace and vitality.

Valuxxo’s dedication to excellence is apparent in their meticulous selection of ingredients, eschewing abrasive chemicals in favour of those that are conducive to both personal wellness and ecological balance.

In essence, Valuxxo’s Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio stands as a paragon of their commitment to high-calibre, environmentally conscious skincare solutions. By marrying the forefront of biotechnological advancements with the essence of natural ingredients, Valuxxo presents this Anti Wrinkle Serum that promises immediate enhancement and advocates for the long-term wellbeing of your skin. Step forward with Valuxxo into an era where each day is an opportunity for your skin to manifest its optimum potential.

Experiences and Opinions

1 review for Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio

  1. Oliver Marlowe (verified owner)

    I really like it! I noticed my wrinkles appeared more relaxed, and my skin looked better within just an hour or so of using the product.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio integrate into a minimalist skincare routine?

Valuxxo’s Anti Wrinkle Serum is designed for efficiency and efficacy, making it ideal for those with a minimalist approach to skincare. Just a single ampoule can serve as a multi-functional product, addressing hydration, line reduction, and skin smoothing within your routine.

Can the Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio be paired with other skincare actives?

Absolutely. Our wrinkle remover for men is formulated to complement other skincare essentials. Whether you’re looking to integrate it with retinoids for anti-ageing or alongside vitamin C for brightening, Regenesis works synergistically to enhance overall skin health.

Does the Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio have any fragrance or scent?

The Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio is free from added fragrances, aligning with our philosophy of pure, uncomplicated skincare. It ensures suitability for all, including those who prefer their skincare to be scent-free.

How often should I use the Regenesis B-Tox Infusion Bio for optimal results?

For best results, use this anti wrinkle consistently as part of your daily skincare regimen. The effects are cumulative, so regular use will enhance the bio-ampoule’s efficacy.

How does Valuxxo ensure the quality and authenticity of its ingredients?

Valuxxo upholds rigorous standards for ingredient selection, ensuring each is sourced for its purity and efficacy. Our transparent supply chain and quality checks at every stage reflect our commitment to authenticity and excellence.


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