Men’s Summer Outfits: A Style For All Occasions

Summer always brings a strong desire for variety and originality, the heat to try something completely different and reinvent yourself.

With men’s summer outfits, you can indulge yourself, and why not get out of the more formal lines of winter fashion?

Summer clothing is one of the most creative of all, characterized by wild patterns and unusual combinations. In summer, you have the opportunity to dare, driven by the energy of the sun and the holidays, a perfect time to relax and rediscover yourself.

The men’s summer outfits reflect the dynamic style of summer, offering special garments in bright shades.

This year, the general trend is to combine more “daring” outfits with more basic clothes to create the right mix that works on all occasions.

Together, we will discover some examples and provide you with valid alternatives to adapt to your style.

It is, in fact, very important to transform each look based on one’s tastes and style. Everything starts with shopping, which must become aware and reasoned, to buy only clothes that are truly capable of striking you.

How To Create Your Personal Summer Outfit

Men's summer look

As anticipated, building a solid and recognizable personal style is essential to find your looks.

All the men’s summer outfits that we will offer you leave room for interpretation so that you can modify small details to adapt them to your style.

However, before you can adapt anything you need to build, and get a clear idea of ​​what you like and rather avoid.

In this way, you will immediately identify the ideal combinations and transform them into genuinely functional outfits.

The best way to build a style is to experiment, finding inspiration starting from possible aspirational models; people to refer to who wear looks that are capable of striking you.

By imitating their combinations and trying to capture the spirit of their style, you will slowly be able to build your version, equally beautiful and functional.

By experimenting with different styles and various types of clothes, you will have the opportunity to identify what enhances you and, above all, to understand what makes you feel really at ease.

The idea that fashion is partly linked to your attitude could not be more accurate. The more “confident” you are in your clothes, the more you will give the idea of ​​being self-confident.

Summer is a direct demonstration of this thought, so it is the whole set of men’s summer outfits.

Latest Men’s Summer Outfit Trends

Latest Men's Summer Outfit Trends

Before diving into the individual proposals, let’s take stock of this tiring year, trying to identify the latest trends in men’s clothing.

We have noticed a new and renewed passion for the French style, elegant and refined, with small details that make the difference on the whole outfit.

Wide trousers in neutral shades meet light shirts with delicate patterns. The French one focuses heavily on natural colors and shades typical of the earth, from brownish to light yellow.

Then the passion for vintage style continues, with the rediscovery of old models of jeans and high-waisted shorts. Men’s summer outfits are dotted with examples of looks inspired by the 80s and 90s, with typically vintage patterns.

Shirts, in particular, are the most sought-after item of clothing in vintage stores in all the cities of Italy. A way to feel different and unique, to give your outfit a touch of particularity.

Finally, we talk about streetwear fashion, which finds excellent application, especially in the younger audience.

Boys feel represented by the comfortable and informal look of streetwear clothes, which still seem to bring back the idea of ​​a well-thought-out look.

Also, accessories are more and more important when it comes to a summer outfit. They can complete the outfit and stand out from all the others. Hats, fanny packs, necklaces, watches, and rings are now also widely used by the male public, who use them to customize their outfits.

Men’s Summer Outfit

Man's Summer Outfit

To put on a great summer outfit is essential to have both particular garments and basic pieces, interchangeable and usable on all occasions.

Monochromatic T-shirts, soft-toned shorts, black and white socks, peaked hats, and bucket hats; are essential must-haves on the list of pieces to include in your new wardrobe.

You can find them online at affordable and cheap prices.

Remember, however, to pay attention to the fabric, trying to buy smart and avoid the polyester fabrics that tend to spoil after a short time.

Better to buy a 100% cotton shirt or a linen suit today, which are all long-lasting life fabrics, rather than having to change the same polyester shirt every year.

But let’s finally get to the heart of the matter and find out which are the most popular and interesting men’s summer outfits.

We have divided the proposals according to style for convenience to make them easier for you to read.

Men’s Summer Outfit: Casual Style

The casual style is a perfect mix between elegance and streetwear. Combinations posed but not too exaggerated, which reflect a calm personality and in step with the times.

Below we present the two most exciting proposals for creating a perfect casual summer outfit.

Let’s start with the first:

  • a fun Hawaiian shirt
  • solid colour Bermuda shorts (avoid jeans as they don’t always match well with Hawaiian shirts)
  • sneakers (sandals will work fine too)

In this case, the shirt becomes the protagonist and makes it look fascinating. Pay attention to the fantasies. You can indulge yourself as you wish, considering that the fashion of the “fancy Hawaiian shirts” also lasts in 2021.

Here is the second proposal, more naive and perfect for those with a style that is not too exuberant:

  • plain t-shirt (or with an unusual print)
  • denim shorts in dark shades (also black)
  • open sandals

Specific combinations can be worn on many different occasions, from simply hanging out with friends to a seaside day out.

Versatility is a crucial element of all men’s summer outfits, aiming to become inclusive and suitable for everyone.

Men’s Streetwear Outfits

We continue with the men’s streetwear summer outfits, which reflect the characteristics of a more “relaxed” style.

Those who are very attached to this specific style cannot do without wearing particular garments on all occasions. Great importance is also entrusted to the production brands, selecting unique pieces with specific characteristics.

Here is our proposal for these men’s summer outfits in streetwear version:

  • Oversized t-shirt (the shirt can be a solid colour, or it can have a specific print that identifies the character and personality of the wearer. Amazon has an accurate selection of products entirely dedicated to printed shirts.)
  • monochrome or printed hip-hop shorts
  • and sneakers with high socks are a must for streetwear fashion style
  • you can add a visor hat (or eventually a Bucket hat)
  • option to add rounded-shaped sunglasses

The world of streetwear allows us to introduce a fascinating topic, which we have already partially covered, namely men’s accessories.

Despite the common thought, men also have the opportunity to buy and wear various types of accessories. Necklaces and rings are just a minimal example.

It then extends to earrings and even ear cuffs for the more daring.

Remember: there are no limits to fashion and personal style.

Hats and fanny packs are two other mainly used accessories, which also help manage summer hair, too often too wild

Don’t be afraid to dare this summer as the fashion world is pushing in a new direction.

The best 2021 men’s summer outfits are characterized by the addition of small accessories, which manage to make a difference and give you a much more refined look.

Men’s Summer Outfit: Looking Smart Idea

Let’s close our guide to men’s summer outfits with the last two recommendations regarding the “smart” style, particularly mindful of fashion and the latest trends.

The two alternatives could be divided into day and night, depending on the occasion and your preferences.

Let’s dive into our first proposal, relatively simple and basic, which probably falls into the category of men’s evening summer outfits:

  • linen shirt (the “classic” version involves the white shirt, but in the last year the trend to wear shirts and jackets with skinny stripes is spreading)
  • plain-coloured fabric trousers (the ideal is to choose between black, dark blue or denim. Colored trousers have long gone out of fashion, so try not to overdo it.)
  • smart loafers

The second proposal is a good mix of elegant and casual, perfect for those who are not used to dressing too formally but want to try something different:

  • button-down shirt (a specific type of shirt with a unique neckline, gorgeous and very particular)
  • black pants or jeans
  • sabot or open sandals
  • possible addition of sunglasses
  • Now that we have seen some examples of elegant men’s summer outfits, you are ready to face the hottest period of the year with greater awareness.

You know what the trends are and which of the probable looks to test, so you can start experimenting to identify your reference style.

By The Sea Outfits Idea

Our guide continues with a few tips on what to wear to the sea, a typical summer destination that often arouses a minimum of confusion.

You are never sure what the right match is, and many men end up reaching the beach wearing only swimsuits and a towel around their shoulders.

Instead, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to demonstrate your style, especially since there are also interesting men’s summer outfits for the seafront.

The advice is to always carry a solid colour short-sleeve T-shirt with you. Basic t-shirts never go out of style and are perfect for the sea because they convey calm and cleanliness.

The perfect colours are beige and off-white, similar to the colours of sand. In general, it is preferable to focus on the natural colours of the sea to relax the gaze and the mind.

Don’t be afraid to wear sandals and open shoes. Exciting men’s alternatives have been made in recent years, and it’s only fair that you try to experiment with something unusual.

It is impossible to give up on moccasins in the evening, a typical male garment suitable for the summer period.

Then we add the inevitable presence of hats, which we have seen to be a typical element of men’s summer outfits.

You can choose between various types of hats, having fun with colours and designs, adding an extra touch of personality to your look. We always recommend trying to add an unusual detail to your outfit of the day, perhaps a silver necklace or a pair of glasses with a colourful shade.

Our Bottom line

Together we made an excursus searching for the perfect men’s summer outfits, trying to identify the best models and alternatives for all styles.

You have likely identified a combination capable of striking you, attracting your attention, and your curiosity.

As we have said, the important thing is to dedicate time to experimentation.

Get lost in the shops in search of a suitable garment, trying different shapes and cuts.

Men’s T-shirts, shirts, and jackets feature many possible cuts, which may suit you better or worse.

All you have to do is let curiosity lead you. Test at least one garment for each model to understand what enhances you and what is not suitable for your body shape.

You are ready to create your very personal men’s summer outfits, drawing inspiration from these proposals and adding a touch of your own.

Summer has started for a while now. It’s the right time to build your style and show it to everyone.

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