The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Shoes to Wear with Jeans: Find Your Perfect Match

Jeans are a versatile garment these days you can wear them at work, while you’re out with friends and even on some formal occasions if you pair them right. Everyone has a pair of jeans in their wardrobe and usually more than one.

They come in a variety of different styles and most men will likely have a favourite. There is the classic straight cut, the stylish skinny or the hybrid of the two in the slim-fit style.

And that are just the main three options there are plenty of others but one area that many men struggle with is pairing their jeans with the right shoes.

This is difficult because jeans can in many ways pair with anything but if you really want to harness their full potential you need to put a little more thought into it. Sometimes it will depend on the style and fit of your jeans and at other times it will depend on the colour and style of the shoes.

There is quite a lot to think about isn’t there? But I can help, below I’ll be taking a look at all the different types of men’s shoes you can wear with jeans in more detail.

  • We’ll look at trainers, casual shoes, loafers, boots and much more.

So, if you are struggling when it comes to finding the best men’s shoes to wear with jeans help is at hand.

Valuxxo  | The Ultimate Guide to Men's Shoes to Wear with Jeans: Find Your Perfect Match

Boots To Wear with Jeans

Let’s start with one of the easiest types of shoes for men or we could say Men’s casual boots to wear with jeans, shall we? Boots are something men can wear for work, in a casual setting and when you get nice smart pair even at formal events.

They’re a versatile type of footwear and even have their very own type of jeans! Boot-fit style jeans don’t necessarily have to be worn with boots but that is what they are designed for.

These jeans are tapered at the knee and fit more loosely at the ankle to better accommodate boots. These are a great style of jeans to choose from with your boots but not the only option.

Straight-cut and slim-fit jeans can be worn very effectively with boots as well especially if you are going for a more casual look.

Even tighter jeans can be paired well with boots although this is a more acquired style that not every man will like. Boots are often seen in brown and other similar shades these can work well for both casual and professional settings but the style/ type of boot is very important.

Wearing your hiking boots at work or even in a casual setting can be a very hard look to pull off. A good choice to go for instead is Chelsea-style boots these are more sleek and sophisticated which allows you to utilize them in both professional and casual settings.

Men’s casual boots to wear with jeans can be a difficult look to pull off sometimes as boots don’t always lend themselves to a casual look.

But with a little thought and some searching, you can find a nice pair of casual boots for any occasion. To complete your outfit wear a thick jumper and jacket for an Autumn or Winter look or a T-shirt and thin jacket/ shirt for the Spring or Summer.

When you get right down to it boots are one of the easiest types of shoes to pair with jeans so why not give them a try?

Valuxxo  | The Ultimate Guide to Men's Shoes to Wear with Jeans: Find Your Perfect Match

Trainers and Sneakers To Wear with Jeans

Casual men’s shoes to wear with jeans are the odd hybrid of very easy and very hard! Throwing a pair of trainers on with a pair of jeans is now the norm it’s the go-to outfit of choice for the man who is in a hurry or for the odd jobs we do every week.

The issue is while this is entirely presentable you can do so much more when pairing trainers/ sneakers with jeans if you put a little more thought and effort into it.

Rather than just throwing a pair of your old trainers on, think about it from a more style-conscious perspective. A nice pair of sleek trainers, when paired with some stylish jeans, can make a great outfit.

Slim-fit, skinny and straight-cut jeans all go well with trainers although most jeans can work with them. I would advise staying away from bootcut jeans though as the more flared ankle at the bottom doesn’t really go great with these slimmer style shoes.

However, bootcut jeans can work well with the bigger high-top trainers that are growing increasingly popular when it comes to men’s shoes. They have a similar shape to boots so go surprisingly well with these jeans, but whether it’s smaller sleek trainers or bigger bulkier ones they go together with jeans quite well.

I would advise sticking to simpler designs with minimal embellishments although if you have a pair of more unusual designed or colourful trainers they can still go well with jeans.

  • Just make sure you style the rest of your outfit around them or you could have a strange contrast between the bottom and top halves of your outfit.
  • Jeans and trainers are perfect for casual wear but they can also be paired together to create quite a more formal outfit with a little bit of planning.
  • If you want a really casual look then you could opt for a light jacket or jumper or even stick to just a plain t-shirt if it’s summertime.
  • For a more smart-casual/ semi-formal option pair your trainers and jeans with a stylish blazer or even a shirt and waistcoat for some formal style points.

More simplistic bold-coloured trainers are better suited for smart casual wear but both high-tops and the more traditional sneaker style shoe can work well. So, don’t underestimate trainers they work well with jeans and complement each other brilliantly.

Valuxxo  | The Ultimate Guide to Men's Shoes to Wear with Jeans: Find Your Perfect Match

Loafers To Wear with Jeans

Loafers have a reputation in some circles as being quite old-fashioned and a bit of a grandad’s style shoe. While it can’t be denied that loafers are popular with older gentlemen they are also a very versatile and stylish shoe and men of all ages can still enjoy a good pair of jeans can’t they?

And when you pair those jeans with loafers you can create a versatile and stylish outfit.

When you think of casual men’s shoes to wear with jeans loafers probably aren’t your first choice but these comfortable shoes shouldn’t be underestimated.

Loafers don’t come in quite the array of colours and styles that trainers do but they fit into that niche of being professional yet casual. A good pair of loafers is something you can wear in a number of different settings without issue.

They are luxurious but still something you can wear when you’re running errands in many ways which makes them the perfect partner to a nice pair of jeans. After all, a good pair of jeans is something you can wear in most settings as well.

Jeans of all styles pair well with loafers so it doesn’t matter what your style preference is you can usually find a stylish pair of loafers that go with them.

  • They are perfect for creating a semi-casual look and suede and leather loafers in particular work well with a dark blue or black pair of jeans.
  • Add a jumper or smart cardigan if you want a more formal look or just a plain shirt if you want something a little more casual.
  • Loafers traditionally come in darker colours like browns and black but you can find more colourful and patterned options as well.

This style of loafer isn’t quite as common but they are becoming more popular in trendy shoe shops and men’s clothing outlets.

Their more unusual designs make them ideal if you’re looking for a more unique pair of casual men’s shoes to wear with jeans although they aren’t something every man will really take to. But if you’re a fan of more quirky and colourful designs these loafers are something you’ll enjoy.

Valuxxo  | The Ultimate Guide to Men's Shoes to Wear with Jeans: Find Your Perfect Match

Boat Shoes To Wear with Jeans

You don’t have to be sailing the seven seas or taking a trip on a yacht to enjoy the luxurious comfort of boat shoes. These shoes look similar to loafers in some respects but are a little more casual and you can usually find them in a variety of different colours and designs.

Boat shoes aren’t typically paired with jeans they are usually more of a summer footwear choice that you put on with shorts.

But they pair well with jeans too and can create a stylish look you can enjoy in many different settings. You don’t need a boat to enjoy these shoes and they are cool and comfortable in equal measure.

They are better suited to casual and semi-formal looks and while you have plenty of different options when it comes to colour I find a nice cool shade of blue works very well.

But with such a variety of different colours available whatever your tastes or outfit plan is, you’ll be able to find a pair of boat shoes that complement it.

Their versatility and more relaxed style make them a great option if you’re looking for a pair of casual men’s shoes to wear with jeans. And unlike some of the other shoes, we’ve mentioned these are shoes you can wear with a wider assortment of different coloured/ styled jeans.

  • Boating shoes and men’s jean shorts are a pretty common sight during the summer and while they work well with the classic denim blue colour jeans of all styles can work with these shoes.
  • Jeans don’t just come in black and blue after all and boating shoes work well with other colours.
  • For example, white jeans combine beautifully with boating shoes especially if you go for a contrasting colour like blue or black.
  • Tying the outfit together is easy simply add a casual shirt with a plain t-shirt or vest or if you want something a little more formal a smart blazer works well.

When you think of men’s shoes to wear with jeans you probably don’t really consider boating shoes but they are a versatile type of footwear and one that works brilliantly in more casual situations.

Stylish and great for Summer every man should have a pair.

Derby and Oxford Shoes To Wear with Jeans

While these two types of shoes have their differences they are both popular options for the man who wants a smart casual look.

Both Derby and Oxford shoes are popular options for men who want a stylish pair of shoes they can use at work and while out and about. They aren’t as casual as shoes like trainers or even certain kinds of boots but they can still be a fine choice for a casual outfit.

Basically, they are quite versatile but whether it’s a casual or formal setting these are great men’s shoes to wear with jeans!

They have a distinctly classy and luxurious look which means you can easily pair them with some smart jeans and a dress shirt. Add a tie and you’ve got a great outfit for work simply swap out the dress shirt for a more casual shirt or T-shirt if you want something for a more casual setting.

Derby and Oxford shoes work well with all kinds of jeans and in my opinion, are one of the best types of shoes to pair with skinny and slim-fit style jeans.

It’s a very fashionable and trendy pairing that works very well for both casual and formal looks. Derby and Oxford shoes are typically seen in darker colours like black and brown but they come in a wide assortment of colours.

Burgundy, blue and grey are three other common colours you see these shoes in and they can really make a good impact when paired with a nice pair of jeans. Another benefit of these smart shoes and jeans is that they are something the modern man can wear all year round.

Whatever the season these shoes can make a stylish addition to any outfit.

Slip-On Shoes To Wear with Jeans

Casual men’s shoes to wear with jeans come in many forms but the easiest and arguably the most popular type to wear are slip-on. Men’s slip-on shoes are a growing force and it’s not really hard to see why.

They come in a variety of different shapes although they are typically quite sleek and are available in a range of colours and designs.

  • You can experiment with a wider assortment of colours and they are one of the most budget-friendly footwear options available.
  • They are also quite comfortable which makes them perfect for casual occasions but they can be used for semi-formal styles as well.
  • Slip-on shoes really have everything you could need if you are looking for a smart pair of casual men’s shoes and best of all they go great with jeans.

These types of shoes were practically made to pair with jeans and best of all they can complement all styles whether skinny or straight-cut.

So, if you are struggling to find a good complementary pair of shoes to pair with your jeans slip-on shoes are the perfect starting point.

They aren’t as professional as some of the dress shoe styles we’ve looked at like loafers or Derby and Oxford style shoes but they are great all-rounders and every man will benefit from having some at the ready.

The Evolving Nature of Jeans

Jeans were once the traditional choice for men’s work clothes and while you still see plenty of men wearing them when it comes to certain industries and jobs today they are a more versatile piece of clothing.

Jeans are fashionable really and because they come in so many different styles every man will have a preference when it comes to their jeans.

They are perfect for casual activities whether it’s a night out with friends or work get-togethers but they also lend themselves to formal settings quite well.

And by pairing them with a complimentary pair of shoes you can really unlock their full potential. The style of shoes you use will help bring your whole outfit together and pairing shoes and jeans together is usually a lot easier than most people think.

So, now you know how to pair them more effectively why not start thinking about getting some new shoes or jeans to put a stylish outfit or two together?

Men’s shoes to wear with jeans FAQs

What are the best men’s shoes to wear with jeans?

The best men’s shoes to wear with jeans depending on the occasion and personal style. Classic leather dress shoes such as oxfords or loafers can dress up a denim look for formal events, while sneakers or boots can add a casual and trendy touch.

Can I wear athletic shoes with jeans?

Yes, athletic shoes such as sneakers or running shoes can be worn with jeans for a casual, sporty look.

What colour shoes should I wear with jeans?

The colour of the shoes you wear with jeans will depend on the wash of the denim and the overall look you’re going for. Neutral-coloured shoes such as black, brown, or white will match any denim wash and can be dressed up or down.

Can I wear boots with jeans?

Absolutely, boots can be worn with jeans for a rugged, masculine look. This is especially suitable during cold seasons.

What type of denim should I avoid wearing with certain shoes?

Avoid wearing light wash or distressed denim with formal leather shoes, as it can create a mismatched look. Additionally, it’s best to avoid wearing ripped or overly casual denim with dress shoes.

Is it okay to mix patterns between shoes and jeans?

Mixing patterns between shoes and jeans can be a fun and fashion-forward way to style your look. However, it’s important to ensure that the patterns complement each other, rather than clash.

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