Men’s Formal Wear Colour Combinations – Which One Works?

Men’s Fashion is now a booming industry and why not? Shouldn’t men be allowed to look and feel great as well? But even with the steadily growing demand and greater interest in men’s fashion, it can’t be denied that it is still lagging behind a little when compared to the women’s line of clothing.

Men’s Formal Wear Colour Combinations that work

Formal wear, in particular, can often feel a bit limiting for men. Google it or take a look at high-street clothing chains and you’ll likely see suits and well that is pretty much it for some places. But if you do a little digging and look a little deeper you can find other options.

There are waistcoats, smart jumpers, cardigans and the always classic (if a little dull) shirt and tie combo. However, while men’s formal wear might be gradually expanding when it comes to actual garments one area it’s still struggling with is colour.

Colour is a difficult subject when it comes to men’s clothing especially formal wear as it can often seem like a sea of navy blue, black and white. However, with some out-of-the-box thinking and a little creativity, you can create some amazing colour combinations that will make a more eye-catching and stylish formal wear outfit.

Combining colours is delict work, especially where formal wear is concerned but I can help.

Below, I’ve outlined some of the most effective men’s Formal Wear Colour Combinations

Men's Formal Wear Colour Combinations that work

Yes, some might be a little pedestrian (but they still work) and some might seem like they would never mix. But trust me each of these combinations will work.

Black and White Color Combination

Perfect For: Traditionalists, thrifty shoppers, and those who want to play it safe.

Let’s get the good old black-and-white combo out of the way first. I like black and white together it’s the perfect contrast and a white shirt with some smart black pants and a black suit jacket is a classic look.

You could even opt for a black waistcoat or a smart black cardigan instead. Pair it with some smart black shoes and a black tie and you have a nice if slightly uninspired formal outfit.

I might sound a little harsh but black and white is pretty much the standard for so many formal occasions that it is a little boring now.

However, it still works and likely always will and there is a huge selection of different formal clothing for men in those colours. So, if you are shopping for formal wear on a budget or just want to play it safe it is a great choice.

Men's Balck and white Colour Combination

Navy Blue and White Colour Combination

Perfect For: Traditionalists (again), men who like colourful ties and cufflinks.

Well we are getting a little more excited now, aren’t we? Next to black and white navy blue and white is the most common colour combination when it comes to men’s formal wear. Depending on the occasion it might actually be more common and while again it might not be the most exciting choice these days it still works.

Navy blue is a bold and masculine colour but also one that is a little more youthful and exciting than black. You can pair it the same way you would with black and white. A white shirt with navy trousers and a jacket is a nice, clean, professional look that lends itself to a huge variety of formal occasions.

One reason I like this combination a bit more than black and white is that it lends itself to a bit more creativity. You can add a splash of colour with a bold tie and cufflinks on the jacket sleeves to add the perfect finishing touch. Again it’s not the most inspired choice but it’s popular for a reason it works.

Burgundy and Black Colour Combination

Perfect For: Men who are tired of navy and black, more relaxed environments.

Whether you call it burgundy or maroon there is no denying this dark red and purple colour is very visually striking and it mixes well with black. The two dark colours work together brilliantly and offer subtle but still noticeable contrast. A burgundy jacket, pants and tie pair wonderfully with a crisp black shirt and shoes.

There is a very cool edge to this colour combination that makes it perfect for more relaxed formal occasions like formal dinners for example. But it is surprisingly versatile and a great choice for Wedding Attire and other formal occasions.

If you are looking for something a little different from navy blue and black it is a great alternative. It’s something a little different but still not overly bold or unusual. If you want to try something a little different and modern but still want to stick with the more common men’s formal wear colours combinations this is perfect for you.

Camel Brown and White or Black Colour Combination

Perfect For: Men who want something more versatile, cardigan lovers and older gentlemen.

Camel brown and white is a colour combination that is getting a lot more love these days and that is certainly a good thing! Brown is a difficult colour to use well but the lighter shade of camel brown is a very stylish tan shade that looks great on men. It also lends itself well to autumn and winter but is light enough to be worn in the spring and summer as well.

I am a big fan especially since it offers men more options than the traditional three-piece suit. Camel brown is an excellent colour for formal cardigans and jumpers and pairs well with a smart white T-shirt or dress shirt. Finish the look off with some darker black pants for a stylish formal look.

It is a slightly more casual style of formal wear, yes but it can and does work. Older men, in particular, can pull off this colour combination brilliantly. And if you really want to stick with suits then a camel brown suit is a more unusual look that will help you stand out and you can pair it with a white shirt and dark or light tie for a modern masculine style.

Dark Green and White Colour Combination

Perfect For: Men who want a bolder colour, ginger guys and fashion followers.

Green is usually a love-it-or-hates-it colour but even people who despise green would find it hard to say a dark green suit doesn’t look stunning. Green suits aren’t as common as black, blue or burgundy so choosing green will help you stand out. Dark rich green is a very striking colour that beautifully contrasts with a white dress shirt.

You don’t have to go for the classic suit look either, pair some smart green pants and a waistcoat with a white shirt for a slightly more casual formal style. Green is getting a lot of interest from leading fashion designers so if you’re a man who prides himself on being fashionable it is a great colour choice.

Men with ginger hair, in particular, will benefit greatly from choosing green as their formal wear colour, find more details about colour seasons and what colours could suit you best. and  Green contrasts beautifully with ginger hair to create a fashionable and formal look. Green and white really bring out the best in each other and I can see it getting more popular in the years to come.

Grey and White Colour Combination

Perfect For: Men who want versatile formal wear and admire the classics.

Grey and white are one of those classic colour combinations that always make a great choice for men’s formal wear. However, unlike the previously mentioned “traditional” choices grey and white offer some extra versatility. Both dark and light shades of grey go brilliantly with white and it equals a sharp outfit in any shade.

Grey three-piece suits with a white shirt are a classic look but you can look a little more relaxed by opting for just a grey waistcoat instead of the suit jacket. Or go for a grey wool cardigan instead and pair it with some smart grey pants and a white shirt.

It’s a traditional choice and not the most adventurous but by utilizing different shades of grey you can create a striking outfit perfect for formal occasions.

Pastel Blue and Grey Colour Combination

Perfect For: Men who want a semi-casual look for relaxed formal occasions.

Navy isn’t the only shade of blue that is good for formal wear! Pastel blue is ideal for a more casual yet still smart formal look. A pastel blue shirt with a matching tie some dark grey trousers and matching shoes is ideal for smart formal wear. You could even add a grey waistcoat as well if you want a more traditional formal look.

It’s a little more casual but a nice alternative to a suit and pastel blue is particularly good for the warmer months of the year in the Spring and Summer. It’s a stylish modern colour that lends itself brilliantly to more relaxed formal occasions.

White and Burgundy Colour Combination

Perfect For: A more minimalist look, men who want a more modern colour combination.

White and burgundy is a colour combination that might sound odd on paper but it actually works really well. Burgundy pants with a smart white dress shirt make a modern casual outfit that is perfect for more relaxed formal occasions.

Burgundy and white is a relatively modern trend that is popular with younger men but it can be worn by men of all ages. If you want a slightly more formal look to it then you can add a stylish skinny burgundy tie to it. Minimalist and modern burgundy and white is a great combination that is ideal for more semi-casual formal wear.

Pink and White Colour Combination

Perfect For: Men who aren’t afraid to try pink, spring/ summer formal occasions.

White is used in a lot of colour combinations but it is usually relegated to the colour of the shirt. This colour combination switches things up a little because pink and white go together best if you have white pants with a pastel pink shirt.

Pink was traditionally a masculine colour it wasn’t really adopted as a feminine colour in the 1940s. So, don’t be afraid to try pink it’s a stylish colour that can really highlight masculine features and is perfect for Spring and Summer formal wear. It’s a softer alternative to red which is perfect for the hotter weather and pairs brilliantly with white.

A soft pink shirt will beautifully complement white pants but you could also opt for a warmer hot pink for the colder months of the year. You can pair the outfit with a white suit jacket as well but sometimes having more colour on display without the jacket will allow the colours to complement each other more effectively.

Purple and Black or White Colour Combination

Perfect For: Men who want bold colours, luxury formal attire and a fun twist on tradition.

Purple is another colour that is believed by many to be traditional feminine but deeper shades of purple are definitely very masculine colours in my opinion. Dark purple is also the perfect alternative to the more common black and navy blue suits and is perfect for all manner of formal occasions.

Best of all, purple mixes with black and white very effectively. White offers a stylish contrast while black blends well with dark purple and make an effective contrast to a dark purple suit. You could even use all three colours in one outfit.

A dark purple suit jacket and pants with a white shirt and black tie will allow each colour to complement the other. But you could also opt for a black waistcoat over a white shirt with a purple suit as well. Purple offers a fun twist on the more traditionally and commonly seen men’s formal wear colours and has a real luxury feel to it.

Red and White Colour Combination

Perfect For: Men who want to stand out and who love bold colours.

Red is a bold colour but one that can be perfect for formal occasions when used right. Men’s formal attire tends to favour the darker burgundy but traditional red can be used effectively as well. It goes brilliantly with white and is perfect for the man who isn’t afraid of trying something a little more unorthodox.

Smart red suit pants, a white shirt, and a red waistcoat create a stylish look that will be bold but beautiful. You can even add a red suit jacket and tie as well if you want a more striking wedding outfit or just prefer the full suit look. Red and white is a more modern choice but it is a colour combination that works brilliantly when it comes to formal wear. This would be an amazing combination as well to use for Cocktail attire

Navy Blue and Pastel Blue Colour Combination

Perfect For: Men who want traditional masculine colours, versatile formal wear and guys who like blue!

Blue is pretty much the universally accepted man’s colour and different shades complement each other very well. Navy and pastel blue as you’ve already seen complement other colours very effectively when it comes to men’s formal wear but they also work well together.

Some navy blue pants with matching dark shoes and a pastel blue shirt with a darker tie create a stylish semi-formal look. You can add a navy waistcoat for some extra formality and a suit jacket too if you like.

The two blues are a great colour combination and it is a particularly versatile combination that makes it suitable for all kinds of formal events. Yes using two different shades of blue is hardly the most creative colour combination but it works well and is perfect for men’s formal wear.

The yellow and Black Colour combination

Perfect For: Men who want something more unusual, bold and striking formal wear and fans of more unorthodox colour combinations.

Let’s finish our look at men’s formal wear colour combinations by looking at a more unusual choice.

Yellow and black is probably not going to be a combination every man will like but it does work well and is sure to make an eye-catching outfit for many different formal events. One of the best things about yellow and black is that it works in many different variations.

You could have a yellow suit with a contrasting black dress shirt and a stylish yellow skinny tie. Or you could take a more casual approach and have some smart black pants with a yellow shirt and black tie. Another approach is to combine a black suit jacket and pants with a yellow shirt and tie for a shock of colour. You Might Like:

There are so many different ways you can use yellow and black together that it’s a surprise more men aren’t utilizing the colours. You get the perfect blend of bright and dark shades and they complement each other brilliantly.

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