How To Put On Cufflinks (Correct way to wear cufflinks)

How to wear Cufflinks: Cufflinks are an immortal symbol of elegance in Men’s Fashion: they are usually worn on special occasions and important ceremonies, such as weddings. They are in fact a real must-have for the groom.

Cufflinks can be worn not just on special occasions but also by men who like to dress smart, classy and elegant so even to go to the office or for meetings they are must-have Accessories for Men.


How to put on Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an exceptional choice to add a touch of style and elegance to your look. They are considered an elegant accessories for men but that does not mean that they cannot be worn on casual occasions. You could wear cufflinks also every day assuming you also wear the right shirt with the proper Cuff.

Here at Valuxxo, we decided to give you some advice on the correct way to wear cufflinks

How to wear cufflinks on a regular shirt

Let’s see together how to wear cufflinks with style…

Choose the right Cuff

To correctly wear cufflinks on a regular shirt you need to make sure you have the right shirt with the right cuffs. There are two types of cuffs on a shirt that are suitable for cufflinks.

French Cuff

The French Cuff

The French cuff (or double cuff) It is a type of cuff longer than the normal one. The French Cuff has two pairs of buttonholes without the actual buttons.

The correct way to wear cufflinks with your shirt is to simply fold the cuff in half, matching the buttonholes and then insert your cufflinks.

If you do not like shirts with French cuffs, you can wear the classic single-cuff shirts

Single Cuff

The Single Cuff

The single cuff is basically the classic version of a regular shirt and you have to just insert your cufflinks in the buttonholes.

When to wear Cufflinks

When we talk about cufflinks, we mean real jewels for men and as such you must be careful when choosing cufflinks as they have to be matching with the rest of the outfit.

There are many types of cufflinks; They can be worn with either an elegant outfit or a casual outfit, you just need to choose the ones that match your outfit.

The Cufflinks colour should match the colour of any other accessory you are wearing (e.g. your watch, your tie or your belt buckle).

If you are going to a ceremony or a formal event and you are wearing a suit or very smart trousers with a nice shirt and jacket, we suggest you wear gold cufflinks or any other precious material like stones or diamonds.

Cufflinks for occasions:

Wearing cufflinks for casual occasions or if you get invited to a Cocktail Attire Event is pretty easy; you just need to be creative and choose among the endless models of cufflinks proposed by the market.

How to wear Cufflinks with a jacket

Cufflinks must be visible even when wearing the jacket so, to be flawless, the cuffs of the shirt must be an inch longer than the jacket

Wearing cufflinks to work:

If you’d like to be wearing cufflinks to work we advise you to take a look at cufflinks with knots with high-quality fabric, it’s the best choice to go to work in style without exceeding in terms of elegance.

Whether you want to be wearing cufflinks to work or for a smart casual attire occasion there is always one rule;

Simplicity = Elegance

Conclusions on How to wear Cufflinks:

Every man should have at least 3 cufflinks: one for evening occasions, one for work meetings and one for casual occasions. It’s just a small Fashion Accessory that every Man should have that will add elegance to your look so regardless of your style you can choose cufflinks that match yours.

How To Wear Cufflinks Without French Cuffs

While cufflinks are normally worn with double cuff shirts and their traditional French cuffs, they can be worn with other long-sleeved shirts as well. But how do you do this?

Well, the answer is quite simple: you simply place the cufflinks inside the cuff holes and then fasten them up. But of course, every type of cufflink is different so let’s take a more in-depth look at some of these variations.

curved cufflinks

How to wear curved cufflinks

Curved cufflinks are one of our favourite cuff variations they offer a very stylish design that adds a nice cool edge to the traditional cufflink shape. With these cufflinks, the convex side faces inwards with the concave side faces outwards.

This is the correct way to wear curved cufflinks because otherwise, they won’t rest properly on the cuff holes. The cufflinks will also look odd because they won’t rest at a proper angle if worn incorrectly. When you wear them the right way these cufflinks will rest flatly on the shirt cuffs.

So, now you know how to wear them why not add some curved cufflinks to your outfit?

How to wear wrap-around cufflinks

Wrap-around cufflinks are one of the more popular types of cufflinks available for men. These cufflinks use a thin band that can be easily wrapped around the cuffs to secure them. They look amazing with a traditional double-cuff shirt, but they would go great with any long-sleeved shirt.

Wrap-around cufflinks also come in a wide assortment of different designs and while many are admittedly more formal there are also casual designs available as well. Because of the wrap-around band, these cufflinks can be fitted snuggly or even in a more relaxed casual manner.

The different types of cufflinks

There are many different kinds of cufflinks and while some certainly look similar many are quite different. Let’s take a quick look at some of the different kinds of cufflinks so you can get a sense of what they’re like.

This information will surely help you when it comes to choosing a pair for yourself.

Fixed Back

These cufflinks have no movable parts everything is a single piece. You simply insert the cufflink through your shirt holes, and it will hold. The backing can come in different shapes, but they are designed to be quite sturdy.

Push Through

Also known as Torpedo cufflinks these are twisted cufflinks that you push through and rotate to fasten. Designed to be more decorative these are sure to be popular for formal events especially if you want to be noticed.

Silk Knot

These cufflinks are more delicate in design and they utilize different coloured threads to build a stylish design. However, the downside to these cufflinks is that they don’t have any metal base which makes them quite weak.


These cufflinks use a traditional hinge mechanism to lock them in place. They are simple, easy to use and provide a stronghold. If you are afraid cufflinks might be a little finickity for you then these would make a great choice.


Bar cufflinks are designed with two decorative balls at either end of the cufflink. They are a classic design that lends themselves to both casual and formal occasions. They might not be the most decorative of cufflinks, but they certainly have their own unique style.

Wrap Around

With these cufflinks, a band is wrapped around the cuffs that you can then wrap around to secure the cufflinks. What’s interesting about these fastenings is that they can be fixed or relaxed to give you very different looks.


These kinds of cufflinks feature a more sleek design that needs to be worn with the convex side facing inwards. This will allow the cufflinks to fit properly along with your shirt cuffs. Curved cufflinks come in a range of stylish designs and men are particularly fond of their attractive shape.

Chain Link

Finally, let’s talk about what many men would consider the traditional choice. With these cufflinks, a chain is used to connect both ends of the cuffs. These can be a little difficult to fasten at first, but you’ll quickly get used to them. They are very trendy and stylish and are one of the most popular cufflink variations.

Cufflink FAQs

Because cufflinks are usually a special occasion accessory many men likely don’t really know much about them. Now, this isn’t anything to be embarrassed about and is likely much more common than you think. So, to help you out we have compiled this short FAQ to help you get the answers you need to your cufflink conundrums. 

What are cufflink shirts called?

Cufflinks are a little more versatile than many people think but if you are looking for the traditional shirt to wear with your cufflinks then you are looking for a double cuff shirt. Double cuff shirts feature French cuffs which are twice the length of regular shirt cuffs. Because of the size, these cuffs are designed to be folded back on themselves and then closed off with cufflinks. This is the traditional and formal way to wear cufflinks so if you don’t have a double cuff shirt now is the time to get one.

Can you wear cufflinks with any shirt?

Well no you can’t not really! You can’t really rock a t-shirt with a pair of cufflinks, can you? But while the previously mentioned double cuff shirts are the traditional choice they aren’t the only shirt you can wear cufflinks with.
These days many different styles of long-sleeved shirts come fitted with cufflink holes. So, adding some cufflinks to long-sleeved shirts even if they aren’t double cuffed should be quite simple and easy.  

Are cufflinks in style?

Cufflinks aren’t exactly trending right now, and many men have likely never tried them but that doesn’t mean they aren’t in style! Cufflinks have impressively always maintained a place when it comes to formal wear and fashion.
For example, many men who are getting married or acting as groomsmen will wear cufflinks with their outfits. Traditional black-tie attire also includes cufflinks for men as well. Cufflinks have always had a spot when it comes to formal attire for men and likely always will. So, when it comes to formal more professional attire cufflinks are certainly still in style.

Are cufflinks too formal?

Cufflinks are traditional men’s formal attire and while they are small they can have a big impact. Cufflinks come in many different designs they can be luxurious, colourful, creative, quirky, and much more. So, if you are afraid that your cufflinks are a little too formal then don’t worry just opt to use a more casual pair instead.

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