Effective ways to get rid of liver spot( age spot) naturally

Summer is gone, but we are still battling with the effect of sun exposure on the skin. The liver spots, also called sunspot, is one of the numerous marks left on the skin by the sunny season. Even though liver spots may not be discomforting, the mere appearance on the face can impede your sweet modern man appearance. 

This article will dissect the causes of liver spots, how to effectively treat the liver spot with natural ingredients and how to prevent them in the future.

Liver Spot Explained For Men

What is a liver spot?

Livers spots are small, flat, brown, black or grey spots on the skin. Liver spots appear in areas exposed to the sun, like the face, shoulder, arms and hands. 

The liver spot is the same as the age spot, sun spot, senile lentigo, and solar lentigines. 

Age spots are called liver spots because they were erroneously believed to be associated with liver problems. The spots are also dark brown, like the liver. 

Liver spots have nothing to do with the liver. These spots are natural skin pigments. They are benign and usually not harmful. However, they may disfigure your skin appearance, especially your face. Unlike freckles that fade with time, liver spots can not fade if left untreated. These spots may raise more cosmetic concerns when they appear in clusters on your face.  As such, it is better to find ways of getting rid of these spots and prevent future appearance.

Causes of Liver spot explained

Causes of Liver spot 

Sun exposure

Sun exposure cause liver spot explained

The chief cause of age spots on the face is ultraviolet light. The liver spot is a sign of overexposure of the skin to the sun. It is an attempt by the skin to protect itself from UV radiation. Liver spots occur due to the proliferation of skin melanin (a pigment produced by the skin cell found in the epidermal layer of the skin, melanocytes). Melanin protects the body’s DNA against UV rays and cancer. Overexposure of the skin to UV rays increases the production of melanin. 

The spots will start forming on the skin as the melanin drastically multiplies in high concentration or becomes clumped. If you spend much time walking in the sun or on tanning beds without sun protection, you are at risk of liver spots and hyperpigmentation as you age.


Ageing cause liver spot explained

Like facial wrinkles and skin sagging, liver spots can be an ageing sign. Although younger people with a history of overexposing their skin to the sun can develop age spots, it is more common in men over 40

Skin type 

Your skin type can cause liver spots

Men with lighter skin are at higher risk of developing liver spots. Lighter skin shades naturally produce less melanin. As such, overexposure to the sun will further trigger melanocyte reactions. 

How to identify liver spots 

Not all brownish spots on your body are liver spots. Some spots may be a symptom of other underlying diseases. It is better to know what age spots look like.  

  • Size: Liver spots may be as small as freckles and sometimes bigger
  • Shape: Unlike freckles that appear as small round spots, liver spots can either be round or oval with defined edges.
  • Colour: While some liver spots have light tan colours like freckles, they can gradually become darker due to more exposure to the sun.
  • Texture: Age spots have the same texture as the skin. They are not raised but flat.
  • Groupings: You may notice individual spots or they may appear in groups.

According to NHS, If you notice a change in the size of your age spot, it becomes multicoloured or starts bleeding, seek medical consultation immediately. It may be a sign of cancer. Liver spots can either be diagnosed by visual inspection or biopsy.

The fastest way to get rid of age spots 

Medical cosmetic treatments for liver spots include cryotherapy, microdermabrasion, chemical peel, laser surgery and therapy. Although these procedures can remove sun spots fast, they are risky. Asides from the costs, according to experts, this procedure may lead to skin scaring or make the skin extra sensitive to sunlight. 

As such, it is advisable to stick to natural remedies. 

How to get rid of liver spots ( age spots) on the face naturally 

How to get rid of liver spots ( age spots) on the face naturally 

The following are natural remedies that can lighten age spots. 

Aloe vera 

Natural remedy to treat age spot (liver spot) with Aloe Vera

Research has shown that aloe vera contains specific components that can lighten age spots. Aloesin and aloin compounds in aloe vera plants have lightening effects on liver spots, hyperpigmentation and other forms of skin pigmentation. Cut open an aloe vera plant and apply the gel to the spots every morning and evening.

Apple cider vinegar 

Natural remedy to treat age spot (liver spot) with vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is another potent remedy for skin discolouration. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid that can lighten age spots and improve skin appearance. You can use apple cider vinegar as a face wash by diluting it with water. 

Lemon juice 

Natural remedy to treat age spot (liver spot) with lemon juice

Lemon juice is a common skincare ingredient. It lightens sun spots and general skin tone. However, be cautious while applying lemon juice to your face. It may lead to skin irritation and dryness.


Natural remedy to treat age spot (liver spot) with honey

Honey is a home remedy packed with antioxidants. It positively impacts the skin by promoting new cell growth and gradually fading skin discolouration. Apply honey to the skin and leave it for a while before washing it with lukewarm water. 

Black tea water 

Natural remedy to treat age spot (liver spot) with black tea

According to an experiment on guinea pigs with sun tans in 2010, black tea water can lighten sun spots if applied to the skin twice daily for some weeks. 


Natural remedy to treat age spot (liver spot) with milk

A high concentration of lactic acid in milk makes it a potent treatment for skin discolouration. The application of sour milk or buttermilk directly to the skin can clear sun spots.

Vitamin C

Natural remedy to treat age spot (liver spot) with vitamin c

Studies have shown that Vitamin C ( ascorbic acid) can reduce the production of melanin that causes liver spots. It reduces sunspots and hyperpigmentation and even out skin tone. Face serums that contain vitamin C can clear sun spots, boost collagen production, and protect the skin against UVA and UVB rays. 

Vitamin E

Natural remedy to treat age spot (liver spot) with vitamin e

According to research, Vitamin E is another anti-oxidant that works on photo-induced skin damage. Vitamin E oil may help lighten sun spots and improve skin tone. Diet rich in vitamins or supplements can also improve skin condition and prevent photodamage.

Anti-ageing skincare products made with natural ingredients

Although direct use of natural ingredients may benefit your skin condition, misusing them can lead to skin irritation. Skincare products combine the power of several natural components in the right amount. They also save you the time of preparing home ingredients.

How to prevent Liver spots 

  • Avoid excess exposure of your skin to direct sunlight.
  • Wear sunscreen and protective clothing if you must go out on sunny days.
  • Improve your diet with foods rich in antioxidants. 

Final words 

Overexposure of your skin to the sun can cause various damages, including liver spots. There are several options to get rid of the effect of photodamage on your skin. It is better to choose natural remedies. However, use them cautiously to avoid counter-reactions. It is best to employ expert-approved skin care products made with natural ingredients to be on the safe side.

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