Eat plenty of fruits for beautiful skin

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Food is something that we all need to have every single day; however, the vital thing to know is that what you eat has a significant impact on how you feel. Not only does food impact your digestive system, but it also affects things such as your skin.

Fruit is good for us; there is no denying that. But, what does fruit actually do for your skin? What benefit does it have for the way that your skin looks and feels? The best place to start is by looking at each fruit, in turn, to work out which fruit is best for your skin.


Papaya is a fruit that is not only good for your skin if you eat it, but it also can be applied topically too. When added to your skincare regime, papaya will help moisturise it and leave it feeling soft and hydrated.

When eaten, it is packed full of vitamin A, C and B, which will help to keep your skin healthy. Also, papaya will help your skin to heal itself, ideal if you find that you heal slowly.

papaya for beautiful skin


One of the main things to know about watermelon is that it is made up of 92 per cent water. This means that it will help your skin stay hydrated and leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

Watermelon not only contains lots of water, but it also contains vitamins too. The main ones are A and B, which help if you are worried about the texture of your skin and want to try and reduce any blemishes or patches of rough skin.


If you want to have radiant skin, you will need to make sure that you eat lots of vitamin C. This is because vitamin C is linked to collagen production and collagen is essential to ensure that your skin is firm and looks as youthful as possible.
Oranges are amongst the best fruits out there for vitamin C content, which means that you should aim to eat one as often as you can, if not daily.


Lemon might not be something that you want to tuck into regularly, but if you manage to work it into your diet, you can feel the benefit. Lemon, like oranges, contains lots of vitamin C, which, as we know, can help reduce the signs of ageing. Not only this, but it is also great for aiding with hyperpigmentation and any scarring that you may have.

You may even find that lemon juice in skincare products could impact acne and blemished skin.


Mango is a delicious tropical fruit usually enjoyed within a fruit salad. Not only this, but mangoes contain lots of vitamins A, E and C, which encourages your skin to look as youthful as possible.

Mangoes are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties, which will help your skin if you have acne or another skin condition that leaves your skin rough, sore and inflamed.


There is a reason why cucumbers feature in spa treatments. These fruits, which are primarily made up of water, not only feel cooling when they are placed on the skin, but they also have lots of antioxidants in them too.

When placed underneath your eyes, the cucumber will reduce any puffiness or dark circles that are under your eyes and leave them feeling and looking plumper and more youthful.

fruit for beauty


Pineapple is a delicious fruit, and even better than just tasting great, they also have lots of vitamins in it too. Pineapple contains vitamins A, C and K. These vitamins come together to ensure that your skin is as healthy and clear as possible.

It is known that pineapple can reduce sunspots and any signs of acne; it can also speed up the healing process of your skin thanks to the bromelain that it contains.


Everyday life can impact the health of our skin, which means that we need to find a way to try and give our skin the best defence possible. Apples might not seem like they can do much for you, but there is much truth behind the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away“.

When it comes to apples, you want to make sure that you eat the skin and the flesh inside the apple.
This is because the skin contains antioxidants, which can then fight the free radicals in the body that could otherwise leave your skin looking tired, dull and old.


A truly summer fruit, strawberries can be great for your skin in various ways. The first thing that strawberries can do is to exfoliate the skin, especially if you use them within a skincare regime.

If you do, use strawberries as the basis for a mask. Then the salicylic acid within the strawberries will work in an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial way, which will help clear the skin up and remove any dirt or bacteria that could be found on the skin.

avocado for healty skin


If you spend some time in the sunshine, you may want to eat more avocados. They contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which will help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Not only this, but avocado will firm up your skin and speed up any wound healing that needs to occur.

As you can see, there are plenty of things that you need to have in your diet if you want to make sure that your skin looks the best that it can. The great news is that fruit is not only a great thing to eat for your health, but it is also delicious, which means that you will be able to enjoy what you eat, whilst knowing that it is good for you inside and out.


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