Do You Believe in Cosmic Love?


There’s a lot more to think about when it comes to the dictionary definition of cosmic love and what it could mean for a couple’s relationship. 

Determining whether or not your love is genuine can be difficult within itself, let alone deciding whether or not it should be classified as cosmic love. What is cosmic love, you ask? 

You can head over to BetterHelp to read up on some lovely prose and poetry about this ethereal phenomenon but for now, here are a few strings the universe is pulling which may make you beg the question: should you believe in cosmic love?

Cosmic Love and God

Cosmic love is more of a belief than something with a clear meaning – everyone has their own opinion regarding what it entails. It does not have a fixed, objective definition. 

When it comes to God, the concept of an all-loving cosmic being is compatible with cosmic love. Individuals do not have to physically interact with God to believe and feel love. This is because it is more of a spiritual form of love that helps you determine your internal self. 

This means that cosmic love becomes more of an individual commitment to oneself, as well as a determinant of one’s identity and development. 

To feel your love for any entity – imaginary or real, you do not need to prove the existence of that same love as it lies within you. Your sole responsibility is to keep your love in good condition by remaining vigilant.

Cosmic love is distinct from love for a particular person. It can also refer to the power to sense the spiritual presence that resides all around us. 

This could include feelings of self-love, increased overall satisfaction, and a stronger sense of connection to everything in life.

Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Relationships 

When it comes to intimate interpersonal relationships, you could consider cosmic love from a different perspective. 

The existence of cosmic love between two individuals can truly be one-of-a-kind and extremely strong.

Interpersonal love is a transaction, whereas cosmic love is not. In other words, it does not pass from one person to the next. 

It is more about natural self-healing and self-growth than it is about a process or transaction with another person. 

If love is cosmic and eternal, it can help you overcome your acts and feelings of alienation from people, God, or another spiritual being in which you believe.

The Universe

According to some, in terms of the universe, the cosmos are in sync and the universe is in order because of an invisible force known as cosmic love. 

This prevents planets, stars, or galaxies from spinning out of control and maintains balance; it is this love that causes the Sun to bestow life on Earth, and it is this love that causes the Sun to give us the Moon as a guardian night light. 

All of this happens without any of the cosmic elements coming into contact with one another.

Astrological Value

To many, there is an astrological significance to cosmic love. In fact, it may be a factor in determining if two individuals are compatible. 

Of course, this is not necessarily the only factor that could determine the real connection between two people in a relationship, but for those who believe in the teachings of astrology, the concept of cosmic love can be especially important.


Cosmic love is not the same as general romance or love between two people who are attempting to figure out their genuine compatibility and connection. 

While many other aspects impact the strength of a relationship, such as personality, knowledge, understanding, trust, etc., they are not the same as cosmic love. 

While the latter may determine whether two people are compatible, there’s a lot more effort to be done to keep a good, healthy, long-term relationship going. 

If you view love as a force that’s embedded into not just human life, but the universe as a whole, you might prescribe the idea of cosmic love. No matter what, your personal definition of love will likely be different than anyone else’s, and that’s okay.



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