Different Men’s Outfits for Different Occasions

Occasion Men’s outfit

Different occasions and situations call for various men’s outfits. Whether you need clothing for work, social or other events, it’s important that you purchase and wear age-appropriate clothing that fits your body type.


If you work in an office, your choice of clothing will vary depending on your job position. If you are an executive in a formal office, you must be dressed in well-tailored suits with matching ties, shoes, belts, and briefcases.

Dressing appropriately for the office can be a slippery slope. Remember that just because you like something or it is ‘in style’ doesn’t mean it will look good on you in particular. Your wardrobe should always be evergreen, meaning it won’t go out of style.

Investing in a work wardrobe is an investment that will pay you off. Your work clothing should reflect the atmosphere of the office environment. When shopping, be sure to purchase staple wardrobe pieces.

Staple wardrobe pieces are items, such as smart trousers that can be worn with a variety of tops, shoes and sweaters.

Dressing for work shouldn’t be a headache. A simple white or striped shirt with matching trousers, shoes and belt is appropriate. Invest in one tailored suit that can be worn for special work or social functions. 

Do make sure you are comfortable in your work clothes. After all, you will be wearing them each day for hours. Ensure that you own a wooden suit hanger and that you use it, properly, every evening.

Purchase two good pairs of shoes that will last for a long time. Wear them on alternate days. Clean and repair them regularly: worn, dirty shoes can completely ruin an outfit.

Men’s Workwear Outfits Ideas:

Do not purchase super flashy or over-the-top clothes for work. Do not wear excess jewellery, or cologne or show tattoos in the workplace. If you buy classic pieces, they will not go out of style. If you are allowed to dress casually at work, you should be wearing dark-coloured jeans and neatly pressed button-downs and polo shirts with clean shoes.


If you are entering the dating world or attending social events, it’s important that your clothing is stamped with your unique style.

If you are looking to date, then you need to dress appropriately to attract and impress your date.
I would recommend smart trousers or dark jeans depending on the location and plan for the date or occasion. Button-down oxford shirts work great for casual, social dates when paired with a pair of jeans and nice loafers.

Men’s Social Outfit Ideas

If the date is more formal, opt for smart trousers. Neutral colours are ok if you are not the flashy type. If the date is extremely casual, a freshly laundered and pressed t-shirt with jeans is acceptable.

Pay careful attention to your shoes. Trainers or gym shoes do not fare well on most first dates. Opt for a more dressy style such as boots or loafers. Be sure you are versed in proper grooming.

Your grooming will likely make more of an impression than your clothing!


Formal clothing can be confusing. Black tie or semi-formal? Casual or business casual? So what’s the best men’s outfit?

When an invitation reads ‘Black Tie’, it means dinner jacket (tuxedo). There is no room for interpretation when attending black-tie events. If you don’t own a tuxedo/ dinner jacket or won’t be purchasing one, renting/hiring is an affordable alternative.

Semi-formal invitations typically mean a suit with a tie. Semi-formal is popular with events like cocktail parties and weddings. A classic suit, (perhaps the previously purchased work suit) with a nice tie will work just fine. If you want to add suspenders to it to look more classy it would be the right choice. You can have a look at our guide How to wear Suspenders for tips and hints.

Business casual can mean two things depending on the event. Business casual can reflect normal, office work wears, or perhaps a pair of smart trousers with a jacket. A formal suit is not typically required for business casual.

Casual events such as a night out with friends or a barbeque can go across the spectrum. Jeans and trainers, or a dress shirt and loafers are both acceptable.

If you are not sure of an event’s dress code, is always best to overdress than underdress, as elements like a suit jacket or tie can easily be removed.

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