Take Care Of Your Skin: Especially During Summer!

Finally, summer is here! Ahhh, what a pleasant feeling that slap of sun rays’ on our face! That time of year has come giving justice to all those months spent in the gym 😉

Who doesn’t love taking off all those annoying winter clothes to enjoy the sun and the sea fully? But what about skincare? As pleasant as the sensation might be, the sun’s rays can cause severe damage. It is essential to protect the skin during the summer months.

We know that too much sun can damage the skin’s hydrolipid barrier, causing loss of elasticity, dryness, and even premature ageing.

The best way to avoid trouble? Take care of your skin.

Whatever your health or beauty concerns, taking care of your skin, especially in the summer, is the first step to maintaining glowing and healthy skin all year round.

How To Take Care Of Your Skin In Summer

Valuxxo  | Take Care Of Your Skin: Especially During Summer!

Sun and skin – not exactly a walk in the park. Heat, humidity, and pollution can leave their mark. And they sure will if you don’t take proper care of the skin.

Skin exposed to the wild sun will lose its natural radiance over time. It will become dull, oily, and likely to blemish.

Find out how to protect your skin from the summer heat and keep that radiant look all summer long.

Rising temperatures and humidity push the sebaceous glands to work harder. Which makes oily skin even more oily and dry skin rough and uneven. The heat dilating the pores will allow dirt and bacteria to have an easy and prolific life inside the skin.

While the sun can give that golden tan, few relate the damage caused by ultraviolet rays to premature ageing and, at worst, skin cancer.

Take Care of Your Face Skin

It is necessary to take care of your skin in summer, especially that of the face. The area that is most affected by the sun’s rays. Washing your face with plenty of cold water at least twice a day is an excellent remedy, both to reactivate the capillaries’ circulation and eliminate traces and residues of excess dirt.

As much as daily, the evening skincare routine is also essential, even more so in the summer. Sunscreen creams tend to be heavier, so you need to get rid of any leftover sunscreen before going to bed. Protect your skin during the day, but let it breathe overnight.

  • Use a scrub

In summer, due to excessive sweating, there is an unwanted accumulation of sebum in the skin’s pores. Exfoliation, therefore, becomes the secret to maintaining healthy and clean skin throughout the year. Using a face scrub will remove dead skin cells. The exfoliating action of the scrub gives a more healthy and brighter complexion, leaving the skin of the face radiant. Remember that just as it is essential to do a face scrub at least three times a week, it is also important to do it all over the body. The foresight is to rub in a much more delicate way in the summer months, months in which the skin is most suffering. You will thus avoid redness and irritation.

  • Use a good toner

After removing all the impurities with the scrub, it is essential to apply a good toner. The latter not only helps to close open pores but also prevents future blemishes by counteracting congestion. Since the T-zone is very rich in sebaceous glands, you should pay more attention to this area.

Remember: there are different types of skin.

If the skin is oily: it is better to avoid creams that are too thick; in summer, it would be like suffocating the skin of the face with a layer of plastic. On the contrary, opt for products containing salicylic acid and oil-free. If you have sensitive but acne-prone skin, then choose products containing benzoyl peroxide.

If the skin is dry: avoid detergents and soaps that are too foaming. They could deprive the skin of the necessary lipids. Furthermore, it is needed to use face and eye creams to form a protective barrier from external agents. Opt for natural ones that contain ceramides and natural fatty acids.

Don’t know where to start looking from? Take a look at – Valuxxo Skincare range. Rich in natural nutrients, perfect for the summer as they aren’t greasy and will leave the skin free to breathe while respecting even the most sensitive.

If the skin is sensitive, remember to do it with kindness, even if you have to keep the skin clean. Go for creamy hypoallergenic creams. So you won’t run the risk of allergic reactions. Solid soaps, containing a percentage of cream, are too aggressive on sensitive skin. Make a good friend with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients. You could try chamomile, liquorice extract, and cucumber wraps. They will help soothe sensitive skin exposed to the sun.

Add Antioxidants To Your Skincare Routine

No summer skincare routine is complete without an excellent antioxidant serum. It not only increases hydration but also protects against the harmful action of pollutants. Thanks to a serum with antioxidant ingredients, you will stimulate collagen production by fighting free radicals to prevent further damage.

The face serum is one of those products defined as “one-size-fits-all.” It can be used on all skin types, whether it is combination, oily or sensitive.

Keep Skin Hydrated

Heat increases fluid loss, so it will be easier for the skin to dehydrate. It can cause sensations of irritation, redness, and dryness. Make sure you drink at least 64 oz of water per day. Eating water-rich foods such as seasonal fruits and vegetables will have a more than positive impact on skin hydration.

Summer heat often results in tremendous sweats. Hence, more production of sebum and epidermal cells. And when dead skin cells mix up with sebum, welcome acne!

The summer months are those that put a strain on the skin. It is in summer that occurs a lack of hydration. That’s why it’s important to invest in a nourishing mask to quench your skin’s thirst, at least a couple of times a week. Wash your face following the advice we gave in the previous paragraph, apply the mask to repair, moisturize and soothe the skin parched from the heat.

You should prefer lighter skincare products in summer, as they are less oily and will leave your skin breathable. But this does not mean that the skin doesn’t need to be hydrated. Indeed, it is precisely in summer that you need to quench your thirst as much as possible. Summer skincare should provide hydration while leaving a barely noticeable sensation.

The best thing you can do is also the most straightforward—plenty of water! Wash your face often with cold water and drink at least 64 oz of water a day. In summer, you need to maintain the optimal levels of H20 in your body.

Protect Your Skin From The Sun’s Rays

Valuxxo  | Take Care Of Your Skin: Especially During Summer!

You don’t have to shine a scorching sun for your skin to begin to feel the harmful effects of the sun. Of course, in the summer, the problem gets worse. It is natural to want to spend the summer by the sea. How nice is it to be in the water all day? Well lucky aside, who can do it. Pay attention to the sun rays’ reflection on the water. It works as a mirror for the sun, increasing its danger on the skin.

Always apply sunscreen to your face and body: whenever you expose yourself to the sun and every after swimming.

Sunscreens should be the first thing to pack. Make sure you use good ones with a broad ultraviolet spectrum. That is SPF 30-50, and that covers UVA and UVB rays. Do not forget that like the face, hands, feet, and neck are also part of the body 😉

Make sure you apply the sunscreen 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure. A good cream should be water repellent so it will resist sweat and water.

Choose The Right Clothing

Another summer tip, to keep the skin healthy and cared for, is to choose suitable clothing.

For example, start using hats. UV rays are not only harmful to the skin but also the scalp. Prefer a fedora instead baseball cap as it will also cover your ears.

Some clothes can reflect the sun rays. Designed to drive them away, they are now available in speciality stores. For example, garments with UPF 30 let in only 1/30 of UV light.

Also, consider the type of material to choose. For example, white cotton, silk, linen, and hemp are excellent materials to wear in the summer. Most useful if of light colours, as we know the light reflects the rays while the dark absorbs, the UV light penetrates through the fabric.

Please do not neglect the importance of protecting your eyes; they too can be negatively affected by UV rays (minimum UV400). Choose a good pair of sunglasses and make sure they accompany you everywhere in the open air.

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can irritate and redden the sclera, the whites of the eyes. Just as the sun can burn the skin, so can it burn the eyes. Exposure to the sun without proper eye protection could cause cataracts, macular degeneration, and conjunctivitis over time.

Don’t give up on your skin health. Take all the goodness in vacation with you.

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