Discover the best fade haircut that suits face shape and hair type

Haircuts, like clothing, can follow a variety of designs. You can change out of a bad haircut, but you can’t change the criticism you’ve received from your colleagues. For this reason, it’s wise to research which fade haircut would look best on you before visiting the barber. After all, a few additional hairs on the face or an inch of height may have a huge impact.

Whether your face is round, long, rectangular, square, heart-shaped, diamond-shaped, or triangular, you can find the perfect fade haircut for your face shape in this article.

What is a fade haircut?

A fade is simply a transition in length and colour on the sides and back of the hair. This indicates that the hair has not been buzzed down to a uniform length throughout its whole and instead has a combination of varying lengths.

The degree to which the shortest section of the hair moves up the head before beginning to switch to another length of hair determines the amount of the fade, which can be a taper, a low fade, a mid fade, or a high fade.

How to get a faded haircut

If you want a proper fade haircut, you should only go to a licensed barber. Most inexperienced barbers make the same basic errors whenever they try a fade. A barber who has gone to cosmetology school will be able to provide his clients with fast, safe services.

It all starts with the clippers or scissors, so be sure your barber has the correct ones for a faded haircut. The barber may often need to move between scissors and clippers to achieve a clean transition between stages. The best clippers will feature a powerful motor and blades that can be manipulated for a customized cut. It’s possible to utilize blades that come apart, but the barber will have to switch them out more often than usual.

Types of fade

Keeping track of the various sorts of fade haircuts you encounter might be challenging, given the dynamic nature of the barbering profession and its response to shifting fashion trends. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of different fade haircut styles to choose from, so that makes sense.

Some most popular types of fades include:

  • Skin fades
  • Burst fades
  • Shadow fades
  • Drop fades
  • Mid fade
  • Taper fade

Faded haircut for curly hair

If you have thick, wavy hair that tends to become wild, try the fade haircut for curly hair. Long and wide fringe, with the sides and back, buzzed short. 

Some popular options for a fade haircut for curly hair are:

  • Taper fade with curly hair
  • Low fade curly hairstyle with shaved line.
  • Mid fade with curly hair.
  • Men’s curly fade hairstyle with shaved lines.
  • Mid fade haircut with wavy hair.
  • Temple fade haircut with curly hair.

Fade haircut for oval face

If you have an oval face shape, the benefit of having a fade is that it is impossible to mess up if you choose to wear it. Low fade, upper fade, or rapper fade will be great. You can also try a combination of a fade and other hairstyles.

Fade haircut for a round face

Some say it’s harder for males to find a good hairdo if they have round features. That’s not true because there are varieties of hairstyles that would look perfect on you. A faded haircut is one such style. Fades slims your round face and makes it appear longer. You should try the following fade styles; 

  • Drop fade with side parts
  • A neat brushed-over fade
  • Volume on top with a fade
  • Curly fade
  • Brushed back top with a fade
  • Up and back rapper fade
  • High drop fade with a shaved part
  • Back high fade
  • Classic Tapered Pomp with Beard

Fade haircut black men

Fade has gained widespread favour, and the black race has considerably increased its use of fade haircuts.

A few black celebrities have helped make the fade haircut a common style among people of the black race. Before obtaining a faded haircut, there are many things to think about, regardless of the texture of a black man’s hair.

Popular fading among people of African descent include:

  • Burst Fade with Colored Top
  • Low Fade with Long Top
  • Almost Bald Fade

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Fade haircut Short Hair

The sides and back of a short fade haircut are shaved extremely short and faded out to the skin. A fade on short haircuts such as buzz cuts, crew cuts, and high and tight haircuts adds contrast and a clean-cut aesthetic.

Classic Short fade hairstyles include; 

  • Short and sexy curly fade
  • Wavy hair with short fade
  • Short faux hawk with fade
  • Short taper fade
  • Clean buzz cut with bald fade
  • Crew cut fade
  • Short pump with a bald fade
  • Short comb over fade
  • Short drop fade
  • Short temp fade
  • Short burst fade

Fade haircut for long hair

Fades for long hair can range from subtle to extreme, depending on your available time. Because some long hair on fade requires a long styling process, you will definitely love the result. 

You’ll receive some seriously hot looks from the ladies no matter what you wear—. Awesome fade for long hair include : 

  • Low Fade with Long Hair
  • Patterned Long Fade, 
  • Curly high top fade
  • Long Fade with Side Parts
  • Fohawk with fade
  • Twisted curls with fade
  • Pompadour Fade
  • Long slicked-back hair with fade
  • Braided ponytail with fade
  • Messy top not with line 
  • Long hair with shaved sides

Fade haircut for thin hair

Thinner hair is a natural part of a man’s ageing process. By the time a man reaches the age of 50, more than 85% of his hair will have thinned significantly. A variety of fashionable cuts for guys are available, and they all work well with thinner hair.

A faded haircut may do wonders for your appearance, regardless of whether your hair is typically fine or thinning due to ageing. Fades are a great option for men with fine hair, and here are some of the most popular styles:

  • The comb over
  • Lower pompadour fade 
  • Crew cut

Fade vs. taper

A tapered haircut progressively alters the length of your hair, often beginning longer at the top of the head and going shorter as you travel down to the natural hairline on the nape of your neck and the sides of the head. 

The term “fade” refers to a very rapid decrease in volume. For this reason, every taper is a fade, but not every fade is a taper.

Fades are currently more in vogue, giving your face and head a certain “edge,” both, with their lines, and figuratively, with the impression or mood they project.

The beginning of a fade might be at a low, intermediate, or high volume. Some fades begin low on the head, near the ear; others begin in the middle of the head, over the ear; and yet others may begin quite high on the head. Ultimately, the style you want to go for and your taste will determine the fade you get.

Who suits a taper fade?

The taper fade may be used for so many men’s haircuts. Your hair texture and type will significantly impact how well it works for you. Heightening the appearance of certain facial shapes, as with quiffs and poofy hair, is best for those with an oval, round, or square face shape. Because of this, you should stay away from them if you already have a longer-than-average face since they will make your face look longer.

It’s the same reason a taper fade works best with a fuller face shape. When coupled with longer hair on top, the short, neatly trimmed length at the sides creates the illusion of a slimmer profile.

Those who have a heart-shaped face should stay away from a taper fade. The resulting wedge shape will draw even more attention to the face’s upper half and emphasize the forehead’s prominence.

What is taper fades well for?

A taper fade haircut may achieve an even more dramatic and cutting-edge effect. Since it eliminates the majority of your side hair, you may experiment with whatever elaborate top styling you choose. Some great hairstyles to try with a taper fade are a pompadour, comb over, quiff, or curtain bangs.

Best taper fade haircut

Keep in mind that there are several distinct variations on the taper fade haircut that you might try. This question must be clarified due to the bewildering realm of taper fade haircuts. However, the “best” taper fade haircut is more of a perception and what fits the person wearing the taper fade. 

Low taper fade haircut black men

When compared to a regular fade haircut, the taper fade gives black men a much more modern and refined look. There isn’t a drastic break in length, making the look seem more natural. For a more daring look, try a few inches of top-layer length. All black men will benefit from this style regardless of their way of life.

High taper fade haircut

The sides of a high taper fade haircut for men are tapered down to a length of no more than 2 inches from the crown. The stunning contrast it generates with any hairdo is why guys worldwide are obsessed with this multipurpose fade.

Hairstyles often considered “edgy,” such as high tops, man buns, comb overs, high and tight haircuts, quiffs, etc., have all been shown to appear very powerful and clean cut when combined with a high taper fade.

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