How To Choose The Best Beard Style For Face Shape

How many times have you tried to grow a beard, resulting in looking like Tom Hanks in Cast Away? (Sorry, Tom).

How often have you seen an actor or friend with a perfect beard that grew on you turn out to be a big failure?

If the answer is “Too many!”— don’t despair— you probably haven’t found the best beard style for your face shape yet.

Where to start? And how to choose one style rather than another?

First of all, you must know that your face has a precise shape that can be traced back to specific styles, not only of beard but also of hair (also look at our tips on styling short hair).

Once you have identified your face shape – choose from the beard styles recommended for that shape and experiment a little until you find the one that suits you best.

Beard Style For Face Shape

What’s My Face Shape? Your Mini Fundamental Guide

The face is what most impresses another person.

And, even if you are not particularly a physiognomist, when you meet someone new, the first thing to strike you or catch your attention is always the face.

That’s why the beard and its different styles are like “business cards.”

Essential to be remembered, but also to feel good about yourself.

So if you want to know the shape of your face, here is a practical guide that will reveal what to do to determine it. Use a meter to measure the following areas of the face.

The FACE Shape Maths:

  • Total face length: measure vertically from the forehead centre to the tip of the chin.
  • Forehead: measure horizontally the forehead centre, where it is the widest and take the measurement from the outer tip of one eyebrow to the other.
  • Cheekbones: keep the meter horizontally, but this time under the eyes, start measuring from the tip of one cheekbone (check until you feel the most pronounced bone with your hands) to the other, passing over the nose so that the meter remains tense.
  • Jaw: touch under the ear and identify the area where the bone forms a 90 ° angle with the jaw. That is the point from which to start measuring. Then start measuring following the jaw line to mid-chin.

Once done, multiply everything by two to get your face size.

Now all you have to do is compare all the measurements you have to build a true identikit of the shape of your face.

Find out which of the following categories you fall into.

Face Types:

  • Square face: one of the most straightforward faces to identify as it is characterized by four quite similar measures with the sides of the jaw forming angles of about 90 degrees;
  • Round: jaw and forehead are almost equivalent but smaller than those of the cheekbones and total length of the face, which are also equivalent to each other;
  • Oval face: this type of face is characterized by a longer face length than the cheekbones, while the forehead is wider than the jaw;
  • Rectangular: if the length of the face is the largest measurement you have taken and the others are equivalent to each other, then you fall into this category;
  • Triangular face: characterized precisely by a triangle shape with the forehead as a base (the largest size) and the jaw as a point (the smallest size). The cheekbones, on the other hand, must be larger than the jaw and smaller than the forehead;
  • Diamond face: similar to the triangular face, but in this case, the total length of the face plays a fundamental role because it must be the longest measure. Immediately after, there must be the cheekbones, then the forehead, and finally the jaw;
  • Heart shape: a very particular face, also characterized by the hairline that starts from the centre of the forehead. You fall into this category if you have a broader forehead than jaw and cheekbones and a narrow pointed chin.

There is also the possibility that you do not fall into a specific category. Still, you may have, for example, a square face with a heart-shaped hairline. Consider these face shapes as a starting point for building your style.

Remember that your beard style is not just a matter of face shape. The beard becomes a symbol of your being and the way you show yourself.

If you choose to grow a beard, regardless of the cut you will give it-make sure that it matches your face and your hair and style.

So to find the right look for your beard, here are our tips: from Boho-looking outfits to summer linen suits going through vintage 50s fashion, a series of articles on trends and style in which there is no shortage of advice for finding a fitting watch for your outfit.

Beard Style: Which To Choose?

We have prepared for you a roundup of the best beard styles divided by face shape. From hipster beards to short, from goatees to long and thick moustaches, by crossing Van Dyke soul patch or Garibaldi beard style.

There are no limits to the beard style you can try. Remember that if you get tired of one type, you can always change it!

Beard style for square face

The square face shape is the masculine quintessential. The jaw-line is well definite—typical of many actors such as Brad Pitt or Henry Cavill.

However, the beard style that goes very well with this type of face must not accentuate the very marked features of the square face. Instead, soften them by going to smooth all those corners that mother nature has provided you.

The best beard styles for square face shape are those that go around the chin area, lightening the jaw’s sharp corners. Even with a long beard, it is possible to add a thick moustache, especially if you look for a more refined or vintage look.

Our tip: try a rounded goatee, which works perfectly to soften your face and get you used to wearing a beard and taking care of it without overdoing it.

Hollywood style for round Shape face

Hollywood style for round Shape face

The face of an actor of the calibre of Leonardo Di Caprio falls into this category. This face’s most suitable beard style will stretch it a little bit – the round face tends to stay focused in the centre and look squashed.

Therefore, it is excellent to fill the chinstrap with a beard, preferably long to give it an impetus. Doing so will emphasize the length of the face, providing volume to the jaw, especially on the sides where it is smoother.

Our tip: try the Hollywood beard, typical of many actors, a variant of the classic hipster beard that adds volume to the chin strap, enhancing the sides of the jaw.

Viking beard for oval face

If you fall into this face shape, you are in luck because it allows you to experiment more. Not only with short and trimmed beards but also with longer ones.

Chris Hemsworth, Thor in Marvel Cinematic Universe, is the perfect example of an oval-face actor. His beard, in fact, often changes size, moving from the short unkempt one to the much longer Viking one.

If you have an oval face and have never worn a beard, experimentation is the best method. Start growing your beard for 2-3 days, gradually keep it trimmed on cheekbones and nose, and grow on the chin not to get a too angular or flattened face.

Our tip: try a long Viking beard or a Garibaldi beard, a good first step if you are not used to this type of beard, but you can then shorten it slowly, reaching the level with which you feel most comfortable.

The Hipster Beard Style For The Rectangular Face

Raoul Bova’s rectangular face is very similar to the square one, but in this case, there is the “problem” of the length of the face. It might make you look like you have a too-long face.

The trick? Adopt a beard that spreads out on the sides, perhaps with a nice pair of sideburns that create volume on the sides, softening the angular jaws. Or adopt a moustache that breaks the length of the face.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a long beard, you can always grow it, but the important thing is that it is not only long on the chin but uniform over the entire jaw.

Our tip: try a 4-5 day stubble beard, uniform all over the face, and smooth the jaw edges, so your face will look sweeter. If you want a longer one, the classic hipster style is what you want.

The Hipster Beard Style For The Rectangular Face

Van Dyke Beard The Perfect Style For Triangular Face

The Ryan Gosling face with a broad forehead, and pointed jaw is a face that suits numerous beard styles. The important thing is that he manages to divert attention from his chin.

A pointed chin does not need to be emphasized, so choose a beard that fills the cheeks and maybe a moustache, even showy, long, short, or curled, to give more expressiveness to the mouth area that shrinks as you go down to the chin.

Our tip: try the Van Dyke beard (inspired by the Flemish painter Anthony Van Dyck). Being uncultivated all over the face and with the long moustache, it manages to optimize every defect of the triangular face.

Beard style for diamond face shape

The diamond face shape is one of the most cinematic ones, attributable to Robert Downey Jr. or Hugh Jackman. The cheekbones are the Achilles heel of this face shape.

Much wider than the other sizes – they tend to enlarge the face enormously.

So choose a beard that fills the cheeks, perhaps with sideburns. The thicker they are, the better they work.

If you like moustaches, you can still try with a sparse moustache and not too long on the sides, perhaps joining them with a wide goatee, always spare, emphasizing the jaw.

Our tip: if you like a short beard, try the Balbo beard, with a square and defined goatee and a sparse moustache. Like Tony Stark in Iron Man. If you are a sideburns lover, better opt for the Mutton Chops beard, characterized precisely by large and thick sideburns extending over the cheeks, like Wolverine.

Mel Gibson Beard style for those with a heart-shaped face

The ideal beard for a heart-shaped face is a style that balances the forehead’s hairline and enhances the smallness of the chin.

Jude Law and Mel Gibson are both actors with heart-shaped faces.

As they do, it is helpful to focus both on the reinforcement of the cheeks, with a more or less long beard, and on the support of the chin, with agoatee that can be wide and square, to redesign the chin or long and smooth, bringing a vintage touch to the beard.

Our tip: try the Ducktail beard, short on the cheeks and very long on the chin, which looks perfect and stylish even if you are bald.

Mel Gibson Beard style for those with a heart-shaped face

Taking care of your beard and face Will Help YUor Whole style

Indeed, don’t forget that whatever the choice of your beard style is, you will have to take care of it and especially of the ‘neath skin.

A beautiful, healthy beard will depend on how well you take care of your face skin.

Back in the years, the only “moisturizer” bearded men used was the sweat of their brows. Thankfully, today we have overcome this cliché.

To take care of your face and beard, you can use many products, better if natural.

Our men’s face serum, for example, comes from a great experience in facial care and is beneficial not only to reinvigorate and moisturize the skin but also to nourish it with a mix of essential oils, which will then be transmitted to the beard, making it more and more beautiful and resistant.

A booster of natural goodness. It could also help if your beard struggles to grow.

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