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Our Affiliate Program is a fantastic opportunity for you to invest your time in something truly healthy and remarkable whilst earning great commissions at the same time.

Earn between 15% and 30% in commission with our affiliate program

Benefits of our affiliate Program

We believe that earning money from something you truly believe in is something both extraordinarily beautiful and rewarding. Unfortunately, not everybody has the opportunity to do the job they want to do or to open a store easily so we are excited to give you an opportunity to partner with us.

Find out below why you should sign up for our affiliate program.

Great Commission

Valuxxo’s affiliate program offers a dynamic commission structure, starting affiliates with a 15% commission, which can grow to a lifetime 30% rate for new customers after reaching key milestones. This innovative approach not only rewards initial efforts but also fosters ongoing growth, promising a long-term partnership and a sustainable income source.


There is no minimum or maximum order as well as any particular restrictions in how you drive sales. However, we really care about the quality and the message of our brand so we will constantly check activities on the internet that mentions our brand.

30 days cookie system

When a user comes to our website via your affiliate link, a cookie is saved on the user’s computer. We use cookies to track affiliate referrals so as long as the user makes a purchase within 30 days of their visit on our website, you will earn a commission.


There will always be someone in our team available to help you with anything you need: from setup to payments to also training you about our products including the ingredients and anything you need to know.

Your own dashboard

You will have access to your own dashboard where you can track referrals, clicks, commission, payments, your information and much more so you can be assured that everything is under your control.

Promotions and Discounts

We always work on something exciting like running promotions, product bundles, launching new products, projects, collaborations and much more. We will make sure you will be the first to know about it all as well as have your own discount code when shopping with us.

Valuxxo Logo

We understand that the modern man is conscious about the world we live in and we wanted to create a Premium Skincare range that is not just beneficial for your skin but also the environment.

Every product that Valuxxo offers has been designed using the latest techniques as well as raw materials that deliver an exceptional level of quality that can boost the look of the skin and appearance.

We believe in our products, in ouselves and in our values and you should too. 

Strategies for Maximizing Your Commissions

  • Targeting: Focus on specific market niches or interest groups that may be untapped.
  • Quality Content: Create content that resonates with your audience and highlights the benefits of Valuxxo products, encouraging new customers to make their first purchase.
  • Monitoring and Optimization: Use your affiliate portal to track performance and adjust your strategies based on the data, always looking to improve your efficiency.

Our affiliate program is designed to support and reward your promotional efforts every step of the way. Join us and start maximizing the impact of your affiliate marketing campaigns today!

How Our Affiliate Program Works

Discover how our affiliate program can help you earn commissions by promoting products you love.  


Joining the Program

Joining our affiliate program is a straightforward process designed to get you up and running in no time. Here’s how to get started:

Simple and Intuitive Registration
  • Register Through Our Website: Begin by signing up through our official website. The registration process is streamlined for ease of use.
  • Access Your Affiliate Portal: Once registered, you’ll gain access to your exclusive affiliate portal, where you can start your promotional activities.
  • Share Your Unique Link: Inside the portal, you’ll find your unique affiliate link. Share this link to start earning commissions on sales.
Tracking and Commissions
  • 30-Day Tracking Cookies: Our system uses 30-day tracking cookies, ensuring that any purchases made via your link or coupon within 30 days will be attributed to you, securing your commission.
  • Earn Commissions: For each sale made through your link, you will earn a commission, rewarding you for your promotional efforts.
Customizing Your Affiliate Links

In the dynamic world of affiliate marketing, standing out is key. Our program offers the ability to add a custom slug to your affiliate links, making your promotions more personalized and effective.

What is a Custom Slug?

  • A Unique Identifier: A custom slug is a part of the URL that follows the main domain. It serves as a unique identifier, making your link more personal and easier to share.
  • Alphanumeric: The slug can consist of letters and numbers, without spaces or special characters.
  • Maximum Length of 40 Characters: This ensures the slug is short enough for easy sharing, yet long enough for personalization.
  • Uniqueness: Each affiliate chooses a unique slug, ensuring your link stands out.

How to Add a Custom Slug

  • Access the Affiliate Portal: Log into your dedicated portal on the Valuxxo website.
  • Choose the Link Option: Navigate to the “Link” section and select the option to add a new custom slug.
  • Create and Share: After setting up your custom URL, all that’s left is to copy and share it to begin earning.
Skincare Affiliate Programme

Progressive Affiliate Program of Valuxxo

Valuxxo’s affiliate program transcends traditional compensation models by offering a progressive commission system that rewards initial efforts and encourages continual growth.

Starting at 15% Commission

Earn From Day One: Every affiliate starts with a 15% commission on sales made through their links or coupons, providing a solid incentive from the beginning.

Growing Your Commissions: Path to 30%

Rewarding Success: After the first 20 referred customers, your commission rate increases, rewarding your dedication and success.

Lifetime 30% Commission: Achieving a permanent 30% commission rate is not just a milestone but a testament to your hard work and a promise of a long-term partnership.

Beyond the Milestone: 30% Commissions for Life on New Customers

A Unique Proposition: Once you reach the 30% commission milestone, this rate is guaranteed for life on all new customers you bring into the program, for every purchase they make in the future.

Why Continuous Growth Matters

Rewarding Significant Achievements and Sustained Performance: This system encourages affiliates to keep pushing for new clients and maximizes long-term earning opportunities.

Affiliate Program FAQs

What can Valuxxo's affiliate program offer you?

Valuxxo offers a unique and premium range of Natural Skincare Products For Men. We have many product launches, promotions and offers coming up in the future.

The benefits for your customers:

– Free shipping for all orders over £50
– Fast delivery
– Free gift wrapping and greeting cards
– Premium quality products
– Sustainable packaging

How do I become an Affiliate Partner?

Just register to our affiliate program by clicking clicking here.
Once the registration confirmation has been received, you will have your own unique affiliate ID and it will be possible for you to start advertising our products by sharing your url, integrate advertising creatives and links into the pages of your site, social media and anywhere else you’d like to promote our products.

How much is the commission rate?

* COMMISSIONS: 15% commission for standard affiliate program

16% to 30% for Brand Ambassador Program

How and when do I get paid?

Once the commission is validated you will be paid every month, within the last week of the month for the previous month.

You can choose the payment method which will be either paypal or bank transfer.

* Minimum payout is £20.

Questions, advice and Issues

Our Affiliate Team is always available to assist you and advise you on the right choice of advertising media, troubleshooting and monitoring your affiliate campaign.

You can always reach us by clicking the WhatsApp icon on our live website mentioning Affiliate Program to the chat and one representative will help you with anything you need or you can contact us via email at

How do i login to my account?

You can simply log in to your affiliate account here


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