Dive Into Summer With Style: A Complete Guide To Men’s Linen Suits

We all love summer! But when it comes to menswear, the heat can play against us.

It doesn’t matter how well the latest fashion suits we bought might fit. If we are dripping with sweat, we will certainly not look great wearing it. As much as a blue wool suit can hardly disappoint our expectations, it will if we wear it on a hot summer day.

So what is the alternative in the summer? You certainly can’t show up in a tank top and shorts at a formal event like a wedding or business meeting!

There is a solution. One that allows a man to face the summer with his head held high, without sacrificing style or comfort, and that we believe every fashionable man should have. We are talking about linen suits.

A linen suit is a key that opens the doors to a trendy summer, without ruining it with sweat stains under the armpits. Allowing us to always stay cool, the linen suits are a must-have when temperatures start to rise.

In this article, we will take a look at the essentials of summer men’s clothing, including how to wear linen suits according to the occasion, what colour to choose and how to best match it.

What Is Linen?

Valuxxo  | Dive Into Summer With Style: A Complete Guide To Men's Linen Suits

Linen is the oldest fabric in the world. Its use dates back to 30,000 years ago. Its first findings date back to the tombs of ancient Egypt. Linen is often mentioned in the Bible and, despite its old age, it is still used today.

The fabric itself is made from the fibres of the flax plant. It has always been widely used in hot countries because it is light, breathable, absorbent, and quick-drying. It is also much stronger than cotton and absorbs moisture from the skin better.

The properties of this fabric make it the star of the summer. A piece of quality linen fabric will be a precious ally. Its fibres do not stretch, are resistant to damage from rubbing, and do continuous washing, and the colours do not fade. Linen absorbs moisture well (consequently sweat) and dries quickly, so zero stress with the dress stuck on.

This material is highly breathable, so our skin will be free to breathe even if we are on holiday in Sicily on August 15th!

Why Buy Linen Suits In Summer?

Anyone who has ever gone to a wedding in the summer, wearing a light wool or cotton dress, knows what I’m talking about. We those sweaty to hide and the inability to take off the jacket – the glares of our partner prevented us. Well, flax is the solution to all problems.

Linen, thanks to its breathable composition, will make any unwanted sweat stain disappear, even before anyone notices it.

In addition to practicality, this fabric is also very beautiful and versatile. Able to keep its original colour, this fabric manages to add character to any outfit.

However, more than any other fabric, linen loves to wrinkle!

But don’t worry too much, it is thanks to its creases that linen can give that cool and relaxing air you need in summer. During a scorching hot day, no one will notice any creases on the jacket, but everyone will notice the nonchalance with which you will be able to wear a suit even if it is 30 degrees in the shade.

However, there is a way to prevent wrinkles on linen. First, you have to keep the jacket of the linen suit hanging. And if you opt for a linen blend fabric with some percentage of cotton, it will be even easier.

An unparalleled trick is to hang the jacket in the bathroom. When you take a shower, the steam that will build up in the bathroom will be of great help in keeping the jacket well-ironed 😉

How To Wear Linen Suits

Which Colours To Choose?

Now let’s see what are the best colours for linen dresses. Traditional tailoring usually loves and is very limited to darker colours. On the contrary, linen dresses are not bound by this label, on the contrary, they will give the maximum shine in more muted and clear colours. Colours that might seem inappropriate for a winter wool suit.

  • Pastel

The pastel shades of blue and pink are perfect for a linen dress, but beware of which event to wear them. A big yes if you opt for a pastel light blue linen dress at a summer beach wedding, especially if the “smart casual look” or “cocktail attire” dress code is specified on the invitation. You will make a great impression!

If, on the other hand, it is a matter of corporate events, or worse a funeral: pastel colours become a sensational No. In these cases, more conservative colours must be followed.

  • Clear neutral

Light neutral colours like beige, ivory, stonewashed, and various shades of white are great choices for the summer. We know very well that the bi
it also reflects while the black absorbs. This is the same rule that applies to linen dresses. Light colours will reflect the sun’s rays keeping you cool during the day. If you are looking for that casual outfit to show off on the Riviera then neutral colours will be the way to go.

  • Dark tone

If versatility is your thing, then a classic dark neutral colour linen suit like navy blue might be what you need. With a dark suit, in addition to benefiting from all the features of a linen suit, problems related to the dress code will be obviated.

Linen Suits For Formal Occasions

When it comes to formal events like a black tie event, the best would be to opt for tailored suits, especially if the event in question is a wedding and even more so if you are the groom!

Which Linen Suits To Wear At A Wedding

If you want yours to be one of those beach weddings, kissed by the sun and caressed by the sea zephyr, then linen suits will make you look great. As with all qualities already listed, these suits fit the occasion and will make you feel fresh and comfortable during the day.

Valuxxo  | Dive Into Summer With Style: A Complete Guide To Men's Linen Suits

A linen suit, when worn with a shirt, gilet, and dress shoes, is a great choice for elegant summer events such as weddings and formal parties.

One thing to keep in mind, if you are going for linen suits to wear on formal occasions, choose the right shirt. Although linen on linen looks very good, this type of combination is more suitable if the event in question is a cocktail party on the beach. While, if you are attending a wedding, it is better to combine the jacket with a cotton shirt, as it will give a more elegant look.

A white shirt with a beige suit is a winning bet. Match it with shoes in burnt leather colour or black and you will be ready to open the dance.

Which one to choose? The ideal would be to choose light colours, such as beige, light brown, tobacco, or cream.

Usually, a linen suit is worn just like a two-piece suit. If you are not the groom, you can only wear one of the two pieces, that is, if you wear linen trousers with a shirt, also in linen, you can wear a very light cotton jacket.

It will give you a smart casual look to be envied.

As for the groom, it would be better to choose a three-piece linen suit. You will be elegant without compromising the formality of the occasion.

We advise you to choose a linen blend, this fabric wrinkles less than 100% of linen dresses.

A plain white shirt, or a pure cotton and linen-cotton blend, goes perfectly with the linen suits. Strictly the same colour tie as the suit and a pair of brown loafers will complete the perfect outfit for an outdoor summer wedding.

The Ideal Linen Suits For Work

During the winter it is easy to show off all the wool and silk clothes you own, but when the sun beats down, it becomes difficult to survive wearing heavy fabrics.

Because linen is the star of the summer season, it is welcomed in most work environments.

Since you spend 6 to 8 hours in the office, linen will guarantee freshness and comfort during the hottest months.

Which one to choose?

To adapt linen clothes to a formal context, you need to choose the colour with great care. The most suitable are dark colours, such as blue, dark grey, brown or black.

A slim-fit model with these shades will be perfect for office wear. The linen blend will ensure a smoother silhouette.

Pair it with a white cotton shirt and a grey tie or the same colour as the suit to be elegant and in tune. As for shoes, the advice is to choose lace-up shoes such as Brogues, Oxfords, or Monk Shoes.

Linen Suits For A Smart-Casual Look

Simple but elegant. A linen suit can look its best when worn as part of a smart-casual look. Linen is a casual fabric of its own that fits perfectly into the summer setting. Small changes like wearing a white polo instead of a shirt or derby shoes instead of moccasins and that’s it! You will be in full smart-casual style.

Which one to choose? Stick to a fairly casual tailored cut. Single-breasted unlined jackets, in light tones such as light blue, beige, cream, or khaki are all refreshing tones to choose from.

The contrast of colours between the pieces of the dress is very fashionable. So if you are wearing a dark blue jacket you can wear white or cream pants and vice versa. This would be a great option for a smart casual look.

A good quality tailored linen dress is useful for all summer casual occasions.
What to combine with us? Let’s take the above suits as an example.

Think of it paired with a linen shirt wearing your favourite sneakers, naturally without a tie or vest. It cannot be denied that it would certainly have its charm if worn at an aperitif with your colleagues or on a date.

For an extra gentleman’s touch, a pocket square would complete the piece. The pocket squares are available in many textures and colours, you can experiment by choosing one with patterned prints or stay on the classic by opting for the plain colour in linen or cotton.

Which Linen Suits To Bring On Holiday

As soon as the word holiday is mentioned, no one wants to hear about wearing suits anymore. Fair enough. But we must consider that, even on vacation, we may have to go to some event that requires a slightly more refined outfit than shorts and a tank top!

The lightness that linen brings with it makes it an extremely easy fabric to combine with a T-shirt and sneakers or sandals. This will be all that is needed to create a casual outfit.

On vacation, forget about the suit. Rather opt for the broken one. That is, wear a jacket and pants separately. If you decide to wear only the trousers of the suit, put on light outerwear, such as a jeans ice cap.

On the contrary, if you wear only the linen jacket, underneath, combine it with light cotton chino-style trousers and you will be ready for your date by the sea. Make sure you use contrasting colours as you are using different fabrics. Contrasting does not mean making a jumble of colours, always keep yourself neutral.

Being on vacation means having the opportunity to dress in a more casual and relaxed way. This means that we can play more with the colours of our outfits.

The choice of colours for linen clothes to take on vacation could be beige, white, cream, light blue, antique pink, or light grey. White shades aren’t just for movie stars and are very easy to match.

Remember, if you wear the broken piece, break the chromatic monotony with a bit of contrast.

A very simple white shirt, left a little unbuttoned and a nice accessory like a necklace, a watch or a nice summer hat will complete the perfect outfit for the summer holidays. For outings with friends, don’t forget to spray yourself with that perfume you like so much.

The holiday look deserves comfortable but still trendy shoes, sneakers are a great choice to combine with linen. If your holiday is even more relaxing, combine your linen suit with a good pair of espadrilles.

If you already know that you have to attend special events, then remember to pack a nice pair of brown moccasins or light-coloured boat shoes.

Our Advice

Although linen dresses give a relaxing atmosphere, we try not to relax too much and always keep in mind that there are situations and situations.

If the occasion is formal, such as a wedding, make sure the dress arrives at the ceremony well-pressed. It doesn’t matter if it gets crumpled during the festivities. At that point, no one should be able to notice it anymore;)

If you are on your way to work, put the jacket on your arm and put it on only a few minutes before entering the office. Doing so will ensure its freshness until you arrive at work.

On vacation, be cool! Break up the dress with a little contrast and play with the colours. Always take care of light colours, linen is a very resistant fabric that can accompany you for the holidays to come.

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