5 Classy Men’s fall outfit ideas

All season types require different kinds of outfits and styles. As humans, we need to adjust our dress and other aspects of our lifestyle to survive. Suitable and stylish clothing during winter would not be a yes during summer or Fall.

This article shall discuss what is considered fall attire, formal and informal fall outfits for men, different colours deemed suitable for fall, and classy and trendy fall styles for men to wear.

Fall Attires

The fall season, which is also known as “autumn”, is the third season of the year, right after summer and before the winter period. During this period, the weather becomes more relaxed, with dried leaves dropping from the trees. The smell of dying and rotting leaves, plants, and trees would fill the air. Fall is simply the cooling-off season because the temperature drops and goes down everywhere. 

Fall, being in-between summer and winter, gives you numerous fashion opportunities. Your outfit choice for this season should be cosy ones that you can dress in layers and adjust to if the weather gets more cold or even hot. There are varieties of these attires to choose from that will keep you warm and stylish if appropriately combined. 

Men's Fall Attire Outfit

How a man should dress for Fall

A man’s Fall wardrobe should be a combination of a functional design, classic style, top quality, versatility as well as comfort. A fall outfit is used as protection from the harsh weather; however, how the clothing is pieced together still says a lot about the wearer. 

As much as every man has his style, there are some tips to consider when setting up a Fall wardrobe. They include;

  • Invest in versatile outerwear

A typical fall/autumn men’s outfit includes outerwear such as a cardigan, coat, shirt, or other jackets. Whichever one you’re choosing to wear should not be as heavy as what you will wear during winter. It should be lightweight enough to accommodate a wrap or shawl without looking too puffy. 

  • Choose cotton materials

Cotton is a type of fabric that is mainly used for fall clothing. Some cotton fabrics that are too slow to dry in winter and too heavy for summer are perfect during Fall. It is also a material that lasts long enough to withstand multiple Falls and harsh weather. 

  • Mix season pieces

Fall is right between winter and summer, so your outfits can be too. Mixing a winter piece with a few summer pieces will give you the business needed for fall. For example, wear your summer tank top with heavy winter jackets and sweaters. The kind of masterpiece you create with your fall outdoors depends on how creative you are regarding fashion. 

  • Mix prints and patterns

Fall is the season for you to play with and mix prints and patterns without going wrong. For example, your flowery summer shirt can still be a hit with a leather jacket and high-knee boots. 

  • Pair your boots properly

Scandals and sneakers are extraordinary, but boots are your best bet for Fall. Depending on your style, you can pick up combat boots, suede ankle boots, or knee-high boots. 

  • Choose vibrant colours

Wearing bright hues and darker neutrals during fall is a great way to complement the dry and somewhat dull weather and surroundings of Fall. You should wear striking colours that best suit your personality and would announce your presence. Adding a few earth tones is cool, but mixing them with vibrant colours.  

Five classy fall outfit ideas for men

Fall styling for men and women is all about layering. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be twisted to be suitable for different outings. You can still mix your colours and prints and be good to go for a formal or casual gathering.

Men’s Fall Formal outfit

  • Blazers and coats: 

If you are worried about the type of outerwear that will not only protect you in the harsh fall season but also be suitable for an official environment, then blazers and coats are your best bet. 

  • Fall shirts:

Your blazers and coats can be layered on any of your fall shirts if the shirt needs layering at all. Depending on how formal the gathering is, you can go for a stylish shirt that requires a lightweight inner without outerwear.

Men's fall cardigan
  • Trousers:

Most of the trousers you wear during summer are also suitable during fall, depending on how you style them. A formal gathering can accommodate wearing any trousers with your blazer or coat. You can wear these trousers to suit a semi-formal group or a not-so-serious day at work by pairing them with a polo shirt. 

  • Footwear:

Depending on your style, you may choose a sneaker boot, a Chelsea boot, a casual golf shoe, or any other stylish fall shoe that suits your personality, and you’ll be good to go for that official setting.

Men’s Fall Casual Outfit

  • Long coat:

A casual setting that requires you to probably meet a friend for coffee, go shopping, hang out, or even go on a first date will be well rocked with a wool blend coat.

  • Neck Tee:

Please pick up a nice V-neck T-shirt in your preferable colour and layer it under your long coat for a stylish touch. Depending on your choice, it may be loosely fitted or tightly fitted. 

  • Jeans:

Not-too-tight-fitted jeans you are comfortable in are perfect for this casual outfit. 

  • Chelsea boots: 

The last missing piece for this outfit is a Chelsea boot. Be it a Zipper Chelsea boot or an elastic side Chelsea boot. 

Men’s street-style Fall outfit

A fashionista who is in love with cool street vibes can make use of the following layering during fall and still look stunning as ever.

  • Trench coat:

A fashionista or a lover of street styles would need a stylish trench coat for layering to match the Fall vibes.

  • Neck Tee: 

A lightweight neck tee that may either be short or long is your next pick. 

  • Joggers: 

Slide on fashion jogger pants, either long or short, as preferred. 

  • Sneakers:

Slide any form of light comfort sneakers on to match the vibes. And don’t forget your sunglasses.

  • Beanie:

If it’s too windy or you’re having a bad hair day, you can opt for a beanie. 

Men’s casual business meeting Fall outfit

If you need to quickly meet up with a client to seal a deal or discuss work projects with an office colleague during Fall, you should try pairing the following.

  • Overcoat:

A single-breasted overcoat that may either be long or medium-length

  • Jeans:

Your Jean can either be regular jeans, tight-fitted or ripped jeans, depending on your style and how severe the meeting is. 

  • Shirt:

Wear a shirt you would wear to work on a typical workday. But you can make it a t-shirt if it’s a regular client or co-worker who isn’t much of a stranger. 

  • Sneakers:

Leather sneakers are official enough for this meeting and also casual enough to grab a cup of coffee with your friends right after. 

Men’s hiking outfit during Fall

Are you going hiking with friends or family? It would help if you tried the following combination. 

  • Pants:

Lightweight, quick dry pants would be replacing your typical day hiking shorts. This protects you from dry branch cuts, wind, and possible snowing. 

  • Top:

Either short or long short, wear a top you would wear hiking on a typical day to serve as your Fall base layer.

  • Jacket:

Unlike a heavy jacket you wear for winter hiking, a lightweight waterproof coat would suffice during autumn hiking. 

  • Boots:

It would help if you had strong, slip-resistant, and comfortable hiking boots for your adventure. Some great resistant boots would give maximum protection and comfort during your experience. 

What are Fall colours for men?

Knowing the right hues to mix in your dressing during fall is a way for you to make a fashion statement and look classy while also protecting your skin and body from the harsh weather. 

You may have favourite colours you can’t do without, but the following colours would up your fashion game during Fall.

  • Olive green
  • Emerald green
  • Brown
  • Navy blue
  • Royal blue
  • Grey
  • Teal
  • Burgundy
  • Orange
  • Black

Final words

Fall outfits are all about layering. However, it would be classy if your layering is not only protecting you but is also suitable for the occasion you are attending.

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